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Monday, January 25, 2010

*angel hugs*

Before settling down for the night... with a book, my Breviary, something to drink, and perhaps a candle or two... I'd like to share with you a warm expression of love. If you have read my "Guardian Angel" post, you realize that an angel is someone you can depend on. Not many months have passed since I discovered an amazing thing...

When I was writing to my friends online, I realized that I loved them so much that I was dying to give them a hug, to comfort them, and to show them that I was there for them. Sometimes, I would feel some sudden concern for them at random moments during the day, and wish I was there to calm whatever confusion or pain that might be causing them discontent. I am not one to quickly give things up for loss... as impossibilities. With my vocation as a contemplative, is it not right that I should see the very real power of prayer? It is my wish to always be there for those who need me, when they need me, so how could I limit myself to my own limited abilities? Therefore, I began sending my guardian angel to my friends with *hugs* whenever they were needed, and sometimes when they weren't just to show my love.

It did not take long for the realization to dawn on me that these *hugs* were actually a bringing of warmth, comfort, and peace. And, just as hugs are mutual when exchanged between two humans, I discovered that this gesture generally brought some sense of peace to me as well. So, it is not uncommon for me to offer *angel hugs* to my dearest friends in the hope... nay, in the knowledge that they will receive comfort from it, perhaps more than if I were really there, for my angel is infinitely more comforting than I. It is a beautiful equivalent of a prayer for the peace of another; a warm and loving gesture.

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  1. Reading this post was like being hugged. Thanks for this post and for making me think more about my guardian angel.
    God Bless!