Trust in Him

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here I Am (Video)


This song echoes the current cries of my heart... When I need Him, He is there to cradle my head in His arms and dry my tears, for He is my Beloved. When He needs me, I want to be there for Him, and go where He leads me at the slightest whisper of His wishes. And wherever He leads, I will hold His people in my heart. When I decided to make this blog, I was answering "Here I Am" to just such a call... and as I type, I type with love in the knowledge that He is giving to others through my efforts. My words here echo His call to you. Truly, this song captures the essence of a vocation... and though one may listen to it a hundred times over... its meaning never leaves it, for it tells of the sublimest purpose which our heart yearns to fulfill.

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