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Monday, January 25, 2010

Love (Poem)

A feather on the winds of change,
A bird which chirps for you alone.
A honey bee who's substance is as sweet as life,
yet leaves a sting of pain.
A child's cry which brings you peace,
yet is rooted in discontent.
A chasm of unfathomable darkness,
but in the depth sprouts unity.
A ray of unrivaled light,
trapped inside a globe.
A teardrop of uncertain joy,
glimmering with purity.
The dawn of becoming beauty,
which lights no less than the break of life.
Dark as blood,
momentous as sacrifice.
Given freely, undeserved,
love embraces.

This poem is pretty self-explanatory... it is my explanation of love. However, in order to get everything from this poem, you MUST apply it directly to our Faith. Read in between the lines and you will find it meaning something to your heart, and speaking about the deepest mysteries of our faith. Perhaps, these meditations will lead you to the final line "love embraces" with the idea of capitalizing the "L" and picturing the beautiful Bridegroom's arms enveloping His love...

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