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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Writing...

Knowing that some of my postings are heavy and difficult to read, in spite of my wish for simplicity, I am re-posting this, written in January, which describes the purpose of my blog and my hope for those who read it. Perhaps, in reading it, you will forgive my ready pen and be moved to read with greater patience.

Sitting here in a quiet, dark room, with some candles burning, a coverlet over my knees, and all the images of Christ and His Mother on my walls looking kindly down at me... I am overpowered by a burning love of His children. The purpose of this blog is to help lead others to Christ's love... because I cannot help but love you all through Him. So strong are these feelings that my fingers fly over the keyboard as they strive to type every shred of helpful advice I have to offer.

I realized long ago that I could give to others what is in my heart through words, and have delighted in doing so. Sometimes my friends are in pain and need consolation... sometimes they are joyful and need support... sometimes they are lost and need to see the light of Christ's love again... sometimes they suffer from apathy and need strong and inspiring words to rekindle the fire in their hearts... whatever their needs, I want to give them everything He gives me. I say my friends, but I wish I could befriend everyone! My stories have depth and beauty only when I write them with the firm intention of spreading some mystery of Christ's love. The advice I offer to many friends is only fruitful because I do it with the deepest caring and love. My personal journals contain all my own spiritual growth for the sole purpose of offering it to those who need the comfort of someone else in their position.

It is my hope that those considering the religious life will read what I am sharing and find themselves coming closer to Christ's Love. I speak, often, in a different language than the world of today... the language of my heart. Do not be surprised if I post excessively, because I offer what I have to offer when I have it. God has granted me many things I do not deserve, and I believe that He grants these things to so many others as well. If one person, through reading my posts here, finds Jesus' love... then I will feel that my efforts have been infinitely repaid.

God Bless

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