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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Mystery

Is there anything more wonderful than our faith? Is there any love deeper than that which caused Jesus to give His Life for us? Are there any teachings so pure and perfect as those Jesus taught while He was here on earth?

There is no greater power than that of God. His love, mercy, and justice are perfect. The teachings of His Church are exactly those necessary for us to obtain happiness and lead good lives... but more importantly, they teach us what love really is. Through Him we see the values of suffering, fidelity, and virtue. Through Him we come to understand what is truly important in life and to enjoy with perfect simplicity everything else. Yes, Jesus is perfection.

But, can human imagination truly grasp this greatness and wonder? Can even the holiest of persons truly realize God's love and plan? Can one truly understand how much Jesus suffered on the cross, and how great was His love? Look at the photos at the beginning of this post... who could imagine what wonder and love could have created such beauty? Who could begin to understand how much He does for us, and how much our lives mean to Him? Who could truly see the significance of each unique person... He has known us from the beginning of time and created us with an identity purely our own!

I have said before how beautiful and wondrous a religious vocation is... how unimaginably perfect the union with Christ in love is... but it is not possible to realize with what great love He has guided these chosen vocations. Every once in awhile His whispers and touches bring a holy soul into instant realization of eternity, an ecstasy... and all these things seem to become clear... and then the vision clears and the human ignorance returns. But during these moments, which many will have, the Mystery appears. Not all knowledge, but an understanding of how much about God we do not understand... an understanding about how much greater He is than we can begin to realize.

He gives us glimpses of the Mystery to strengthen our faith and love for Him. He knows how small we are and how we cannot bear His greatness, but showing us that there is a Mystery, a Greatness far above us never fails to console and make us holy. Remember, when seeking or living your vocation, to never begin to take God for granted... because the Mystery is so great that we are locking ourselves within our own small minds to pretend to understand it.

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