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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New (Poem)

Take a pen,
write a story.
What you wrote was new.

Pray a prayer,
be enlightened.
What enlightened you was new.

Read a book,
imagine an image.
What you imagined was new.

See a child,
laugh at a thought.
What you thought was new.

Drift asleep,
dream a dream.
What you dreamed was new.

Fall in love,
be touched by emotion.
Your emotion was new.

Think of Jesus,
envision His face.
What you envisioned was new.

Feel all alone,
find comfort.
The comfort you found was new.

Live life fully,
leave no regrets.
The life you lived was new.

Whatever you do, think, or feel,
is new.

Each person has a life that is all his own... a life that is New... remember that your identity is shared by no one else, and live each new moment with a pure heart and joyful eye that glories in the wonders of God!

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