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Monday, January 25, 2010

Perpetual Message---Christ Today?

He walked the earth over 2000 years ago... the saints whom we know are already dead and in heaven... the world has changed, technology has grown, and sin pollutes the earth. How shall we hear Him and see Him today? His Love seems hidden and so many never see it. Where is the patron saint of video games and facebook? How shall we find one who relates to us now, in our present difficulties? It is a mystery to us how we should think about this New Age... or how we should look to Christ. Can someone who plays first-person-shooter games or spends all his free time chatting flippantly with friends online find Jesus? How can we come to understand this?

Jesus' Gospel seems so long ago... it speaks in a language that we can hardly understand without earnest meditation. How does this speak to us today? I am a mother or a father, you might say, how can I relate with those in ancient times who related deeply with Jesus? Even the most recent saints seem far away, because if they did not live in the 15th century, they lived a life that closely imitated it. *A child raises his hand* "But, my vocation is so much like those of the saints? I went through the same things that they did when they were little!" Exactly :).

Jesus' message penetrates all times and forms of life. It is fitting for every culture and every life. Every saint followed the same message... and learned the same lessons... that those in Jesus' time taught. How can we carry His Cross or be Crucified with Him now, when luxury is the thing where I live, you say? The outward forms of Jesus' Sacrifices were dreadful indeed... but it was a Sacrifice that takes on every form in every age through the Eucharist. His Cross transforms from a Cross to a bully at school, or a long day at work, or the pains of a broken relationship, or the sorrows of seeing one's child with a scraped knee... it is not different at all! For does not God surpass time?

But, you say, we are taught to seek poverty and the life of the poor by Jesus and all the saints? How can I say that I am poor when I live in a comfortable house and frequent this amazing technology on the internet? Truly, our poverty is in our spirit and our love. Think about it, if we love Christ as the saints did... then our every action will contain as much worth as their actions did. If we have a humbleness of heart, as Jesus taught in the Beatitudes, the message surpasses time and we have regained the holiness of those before this age of technology. Our every action will be just as dear to him as the lowliest, humblest, and most beautiful man breaking his back over the family farm. Look through God's eternal eyes, do you not see that the action of goodness is all the same!

You say, but see all the evil I do? See how poorly I've used my life through constant exposure to a godless world? See this, says a child, I play video games and pretend to kill lots of people? How can we find good in these things? How can we become saints, we have no chance? Listen, my dear friends, the world of the heart never changes. Our spirits are the same as those of people who lived in the time of Catholic Kings or evil tortures... do you not see, that if we approach our actions from the spirit, we can see a certain similarity in all this? I needn't tell you of the evils of history which a saint may have suffered through, even engaged in, as you may now... I need only point out the goodness of love. Each action that brings the peace and joy of God to your heart... any enjoyment you engage in which is rooted in the purest intentions and love, no matter how human they might be... you be the judge, these things can be just as godly as a child playing in the field with sticks to prepare for knighthood. God created us human and delights in our humanity.

You still do not understand? A million "but's" fill your mind? See, dear friends in Christ, the Gospel of Christ is as real today as it was all the other years that the earth was in being. Few people see God in everything, but one who tries will surely see Him as clearly as the contemplative, St. Catherine, saw Him in everything. Read the Gospel, meditate it, convert it to your own words today. See the passages "give to Ceaser what is Ceaser's." or "take up your cross and follow me" and see rather "treat Mr. Obama respectfully" or "change the baby's diaper without complaint." It doesn't matter who we are, when or where or how we live, if we live Love, then we live the message of Christ.

What am I saying? I am saying, follow your vocation. Be contemplatives of the heart, be contemplatives in today's world. Walk into a store and see the hearts of people, not the degrading immodest forms. Get on your computers, use this amazing technology, and give God thanks for His wondrous works... for how much greater is He and His creation than all our technology? This current life is an expansion of the life of Christ. He is living and breathing and hurting in today's world. If you have not seen sainthood and the Gospel in the world of today, you have not looked.

Today is different than the world has ever been... if my sixteen years have shown this, then surely those much older than I have noticed it all the more clearly. But Jesus' Gospel is as real and practical as it ever it was. People are living the teachings He taught, exactly as He taught them. We do not walk around in the oldest robes and barefoot, traveling the world... but our poverty of the heart is the same, even though our actions change with the time. Humanity and materials change... they are born, grow old, and die... they change and develop and learn... but God never changes. He has known all of this for eternity, He has recognized evil in its singular form and good in its singular form of love. The spiritual world is alive today, as it was in Jesus' time. He has kept Himself and His Sacrifice alive, He is perpetual, and so is the spirit. The spiritual sphere of the world has not changed, although the material forms of life have evolved greatly in our eyes.

Live the Perpetual Message.

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