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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Right to Life Movement-Rosary

Through Christ, His Brides are mothers in a very real sense of all His children. They have a motherly love of Christ's people, and His infants. Just as human mothers feel the death of their infants very strongly, and mourn their loss with many tears, so also do nuns feel each child's death keenly.

Yesterday, I attended the March for Life in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands of people had taken the day off of work, school, and other activities to come and proclaim the right to life of the unborn. Standing there, listening to the crowds and speakers all saying with one voice that an unborn child is as much human as anybody else... I found it hard to believe that anyone could still be for the killing of innocent children. It seems absolutely impossible for anyone to consider the voluntary homicide of children, let alone mothers turning against their own babies! And yet, our political circles, our abortionists, young mothers, and others consider the right to kill more important than the right to life! Truly, this is a difficult concept to understand. America is crying with a loud, pained voice against the killing of its children... crying out to God and man to save its youth.

Mary is the model of all mothers. Her love of the Child Jesus was perfect and her motherly characteristics were strong. Throughout the entire rosary we see truths that can be applied to the current issue of abortion.

The Joyful Mysteries

The Annunciation-Mary was the perfect in her fidelity to God when she said "yes." She did not know how she was to bear the child, or even why, just that it was God's will for her. Let us pray that all mothers have her faith and fortitude and say "yes" to God's wish to create His children in them.

The Visitation-Mary, told by an angel that the elderly Elizabeth was pregnant, traveled far to help her until the time came for her to bear her child. The child in the womb of Elizabeth "leaped for joy" at Mary's, and her blessed unborn Child's, approach. Elizabeth called her Mother of the Lord before she had given birth, for it was clear that a Child had been conceived in her by God. Let all mothers see life as clearly, even before birth, as Elizabeth! Let women who fear the circumstances of their pregnancy take heart at the elderly Elizabeth's and young Virgin's fortitude and faith, so that they may share in their joy.

The Birth of Christ-When Jesus was born, Mary must have looked at Him with all the love of a mother for her Child. Mothers who bear their children are attached to them by a special bond. How heartbreaking it must be for a mother to see a torn and broken infant, rather than a healthy beautiful one! Let all mothers, like Mary, take joy in their newborns!

The Presentation in the Temple-Mary did not know or understand the plan for salvation, or even her part in it. She was placed with a great task in the history of mankind, and only through faith could she have born the thought of it. When Simeon prophesied, what sort of motherly feelings do you think Mary had? She held in her arms a Child who would live and grow amidst her poverty and, one day, save mankind through His suffering. Let all mothers see their children as other Christ's who are born to live, even if their lives must contain suffering. Is it compassion to kill a child so he will not live to see suffering?

The Finding in the Temple-Jesus was full of wisdom, even at a very young age. The life of each person is unique. They feel their own lives as strongly as we feel ours. Let mothers see that each unborn child is as much alive, and has as great a capacity of growing, as themselves.

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Agony in the Garden-In Jesus' intense sorrows, He thought of all mankind. He felt sorrows for His children who would grow not knowing or loving Him. He felt sorrows, not just for sins that have been committed, but for sins that will be committed. Each of the children of God who sin against Him bring Him great pain... and yet, He, in His mercy, desires to give them the chance to live and to love Him. Let mothers also realize that even personal pain is nothing in comparison with a child's love, and let their children live as God chose to do when He began forming them in the womb.

Scourging at the Pillar-Christ bore our dreadful punishments quietly, without complaint. He allowed us to tear and beat Him because He had compassion for us and did not wish for us to have to bear the pains we have brought upon ourselves. A father bears his child's penance patiently, as if it were his own, happy because he has saved his child from distress. Let all mothers and fathers realize their nature of compassion for their children.

Crowning With Thorns-What do you think Christ was thinking as His children crowned Him and mocked Him? Perhaps His thoughts then resembled those of now. The ignorance and indifference of His children then mocked Him, the Heavenly King. Ignorance mocks the mystery, and false pride makes simple things complicated. A child could look at abortion and say "you killed the baby!"... but we look at abortion and say "it is our political right to have control over our lives and it is a woman's right to only have a child if she wants to raise one." In our ignorance, we say "nothing shall be lost if it dies now." In our false pride, we believe in the right to have and do whatever we want and "can" do. By meditating on this mystery, let us pray that all mothers will understand that God's plan is greater than they themselves.

Carrying of the Cross-"Weep for yourselves and for your children... For if men use the green wood this way, how will they use the dry?" Do you think that perhaps God thought of abortion at that moment? Of men killing fresh innocence? If the innocent are used in this way, how will those who are far from innocent be used? Jesus leads His children on the path of the cross because He knows that they will find peace and happiness in Him "My yoke is easy and My burden light." Pray that all mothers will have faith in this promise.. that even through the difficulties of life, God will show their children peace and will guide and care for them, even when a mother cannot.

The Crucifixion-Christ died for all His children, born and not yet conceived, so that they may be cleansed and given the gift of happiness. He did not just die for those living at the time... He did not simply institute the sacraments and found the Church for the people currently living... no, Christ redeemed ALL of us. He recognized the children He would have, and prepared the way for them. He died for each person, and the unborn are no exception. Their lives are made sacred by the God of heaven and earth giving His life for theirs. Let pro-choice people recognize the woes that will befall them if the children for whom His only Son died are not permitted life!

The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection-Jesus clearly showed the sanctity of life when He rose again from the tomb. He showed that life is infinite! Just as Jesus rose from the tomb, glorified by men and exalted by God, let mother's realize that the children in the tomb of their wombs must be born out of it to receive the good things planned by God. Christ often spoke of being "born again"... obviously He put a great deal of merit on birth itself, and so must we. For if small infinite spirits are not given the chance to be born, Christ must shed many tears that they will not share in the rebirth He so carefully obtained for them.

The Ascension-We are made for Heaven, to live with God forever. Our lives on earth are nothing in the face of eternity, but they are our chance to show our love for Him. God has given us this special and fantastic opportunity to grow and mature in our love for Him and personal merit. Let all mothers see how important life is to the infinite happiness of their children!

The Descent of the Holy Ghost-Christ, ever knowing our needs, founded a Church and sent the Holy Spirit to guide it. It did not get far during that generation... although it did spread. Do you think that Christ founded the Church solely for that generation? No, it was founded for all unborn generations to come... He thought of His people before they were ever conceived... how much more deeply must he plan their good after they have been conceived? Let us not selfishly consider this Church to be ours alone, but consider our posterity. The children which are killed daily are, through this Church, heirs of heaven!

The Assumption of Mary-Perhaps, in some warped manner of thinking, people consider that children's bodies aren't important, and their souls cannot be destroyed. God showed the sanctity of the human body when He assumed His mother into heaven. Mary, good and pure and perfect mother, brought Jesus' Body into the world. He brought her body into heaven. Do you see the love shown through the body of these Persons? Let all mothers consider their children both body and soul, as God does.

The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin-"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." Do you think Mary's mother knew she would be crowned queen of heaven and earth!? No, but God did. Each of us is given heirdom to heaven and we are lords of the earth and all it contains by heavenly degree. God has ordained great gifts and kingships for each of His children who were ever and will ever be born. Let mother's see that their children have been eternally reckoned! Surely, such an understanding would make denying them of life impossible.

Meditating on these mysteries shows how important life is for each person. How keenly must a mother who completely understands all these things feel the death of a child, a living infant! The mothers of the convent feel this pain, and have compassion on mothers and fathers who have lost their children through abortion. She cries with her Beloved over their deaths. Surely the prayers of such mothers move the heart of God! In her own way, a nun is one of the key tools in the saving of infants... by gaining God's heavenly compassion and turning away His wrath with her tears, she moves a force which is capable of moving hearts, but only if they will be moved.

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