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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sky's Mantle

Leah was sitting outside, gazing at the sky. At first she could see the beautiful bright sun shining and pearly white clouds reflecting its deep brilliance. Some birds were flying around, gently dancing in the soft breeze. . Leah was sitting comfortably, with a little blanket, in some soft grass... gazing at the miles and miles of endless blue infinity. Feeling the rays of the sun warming her face, she laid down and read for awhile.

Leah awoke, gently, to the realization that she had drifted off to sleep. With her sleep had come some dark clouds which covered the sky like velvet blankets. They had completely blocked out the sun and she could no longer see the friendly white clouds that were there before. In fact, the clouds had come in so thick and dark that they looked like many mountains covering the earth from above.

The wind picked up and Leah began to shiver... there was no sun now to warm her. The trees swayed and the scent of rain began drifting through the air. There were no longer any birds in the sky either... well, perhaps one or two were fluttering towards the ground. Her gaze, which had been for a moment on a descending bird, was captured momentarily by some small creature running down the limbs of the naked branches of a tall tree, only to dive into a little hole at its roots. Leah wondered to herself if he would curl up into a little furry ball and sleep in the warmth beneath the soil.

However, soon Leah's full attention was directed at the magnificent piles of clouds. Small droplets of rain had begun to fall, and it crossed Leah's mind to retreat to the house, but she could not tear her eyes from the magestic layers and plush shadows. The greatness contained in this darkness seemed to surpass even the endlessness of blue from a short while before. "It is a wall separating the world from the blue infinity" she thought to herself...

The rain had now begun to fall harder and Leah's face was shiny with the water running down her cheeks. Her blanket was in her arms in moments and her book gently wrapped in it and tucked under her arm. As she turned her eyes, finally, to the house... she realized that the air was now warmer and cozier. "No," she said to herself, "it is not a wall... it is just a warm mantle, beneath which the earth is nourished."

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