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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So Many Annabelles (story)

Has it ever hit you how complex each unique identity is? Have you ever looked and seen a multitude of people and wondered what is in each person's world, what is in them that is hidden from the eyes of others? Think of your life.. all the people you know, all the things you do and think, and all the goings on in your spirit that none but you and God know... then consider what it would be like if you could suddenly see the worlds of others, or view them from their own perspectives. In a religious vocation it is so important to see the identities of others as unique, and to see Christ as containing all "worlds." Such an understanding brings Charity of the loveliest sort.

Annabelle sat in the front seat of her convertible waiting for her father to come out of the store. As usual she was deep in thought. She was currently comparing her soul to the soul of someone else she knew. The thing about this which interested her is that although the souls were different, they both appeared the same when she considered them. She found herself looking out the window to the parking lot.

As she sat thus, her gaze suddenly divided as if she had been put in a room with many diamond shaped mirrors. The material body of each person, including herself, disappeared and she saw only souls. At first she was surprised at how alike they all were. They were all exactly like her own; they were all Annabelles. It was as if many identical orbs had replaced the bodies. But she could not help but concentrate on each individually; she had suddenly gained a thousand eyes, each of which focused on a single soul. On a closer look, she saw a world within each orb. Inside were people, places, cars, pets, and lives which she was completely unfamiliar with.

Strangely, the complexity of the vision did not confound or confuse Annabelle. She looked closer at the comings and goings within each world. One orb represented the life of a tough looking man. She saw him going to work each day and eating dinner with his wife and children. He tenderly gave them gifts, but he rarely seemed to talk. In the chapel she could see him cry. Another orb represented a stern but motherly woman. She spent most of the time in her home working quietly and reading books. Annabelle noted with surprise that the woman’s thoughts focused on subjects she had seen in her children’s homework. This woman liked to learn. One orb, representing a young girl, was full of comings and goings. There was school, parties, babysitting, track running, and many other things within her life. Annabelle was shocked that this girl had such a deep and complex spiritual life. Thus, she examined each unique orb in fascination.

Annabelle’s father came and shook her from her reverie. The girl was quiet all the way home. She was thinking about the orbs and looking at the people who passed her in cars. “All these people,” she thought, “see everything from a certain perspective, from a certain world. They are blind to the worlds of others.”

That evening Annabelle attended Mass and was again accosted by a vision. She saw, as before, the souls of each person around her. She even saw a very special Orb on the Alter. This Orb contained all life. It was full of everything, every unique world. But this time all the orbs were the same as the Orb she could see on the Alter. Each contained the earth and all within it. Annabelle realized that this was how the Head of the Catholic Church united the flock.

The End.

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