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Monday, January 25, 2010

Time Becomes One Moment (Poem)

Jumping through the whirlwind of life,
Splashing in the pool of delight,
Running o'er the mountain of strife,
Rolling down the path of light.

The journey falls apart,
a new journey is born,
and time becomes one moment.

Swinging on the branches of forever,
Flying into the felt of clouds,
Playing with the dangerous answers,
Baiting breaths and trapping sound.

Forever one exerting movement,
relentlessly eternal, implicitly one,
And time becomes one moment.

Laying in the eternal rest of space,
Testing the trickery of the seasons,
breathing in the sensations of taste,
Senses uniting and weighing reasons.

Resting in forever's embrace,
walking in one eternal campaign,
and time becomes one moment.

This poem is the theory of an alternate, heavenly dimension where God resides and there is no time... directly conflicting with our own perception of time... and the relation between the movements occurring within our time when compared to the heavenly dimension where there is no time. In other words, its my perception of the "forever moment."

The two final stanzas are tricky because they connect the eternity of heaven to the "campaign" that is begun on earth... combining both into one effort of the forever moment and presents the union of exertion and rest in what I think to be a suitable conclusion to the whole and a pretty fair description of the heavenly rest.

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