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Monday, January 25, 2010

Unknown Feeling (Poem)

Strong the feeling, and firmly impressed,
A weight upon the heart,

Swirling of winds beating the breast,

burnings which only fire imparts,

A universe of feeling within the chest.

The unknown feeling which drives the mind,

the unknown feeling, overpowering life of the soul.

Hard the feeling, and painfully lovelorn,
A fear of overwhelming power,
Tears of surrender pierced by thorns,

Cause of pain laden laughter,

A feeling possessing terrors unborn.

The unknown feeling which spills emotion,

The unknown feeling, soul's blood of crystal water.

Sweet the bitterness, utterly beautiful the feeling,

Radiant glowing orb of starlight,

Flowing rivers of enamored tearing,

infinite eyes which deftly ignite,

A feeling absorbed in precious dreaming.

The unknown feeling of night's starlit heavens,

The unknown feeling, imagination's fluorescent painting of light.

Do not dismiss this poem with a simple "she's speaking of love," for this is something else entirely. Perhaps you have felt something that resembles this feeling while before the Blessed Sacrament or during a conversion of heart... whatever the case, I will not attempt to explain this feeling nor reveal the nature of it... for, as the poem implies, it is a feeling that is and must remain unknown. See if you can identify this feeling in yourself...

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