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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Call to Sainthood

"I want to be a saint, but I feel so helpless..." ~St. Therese

There is no person on earth who is not called to sainthood... that is the purpose for which we were made. There is no hand that God has not tenderly guided, no heart that He has not carefully disposed to receive Himself, and no soul upon which He has not shed His limitless graces. Heaven is filled with thousands upon thousands of unknown saints... mothers who spent their lives for their children, fathers who worked hard for their families, kings and princes who were honest with their people, and children who lived only a few short years on earth. I sometimes wonder how many unrecorded visions and miracles there are... the supernatural seems so commonplace that its almost natural. To think that every individual has a guardian angel, and every individual is loved wholly and known completely by God, brings a whole new light to the population number.

Sometimes this seems hard to believe when one has spent time in the company of worldly and indifferent people, but it is true that even these people are called to be saints. We are all given vocations chosen specially for us by God... but even if we fail to recognize these vocations which could bring us to the fullness of life, we can still become saints by remaining in the state of grace. After all, all God wants is that we trust Him and let Him come to live in us so that He can bring us to eternal happiness with Him.

Not too long ago my nearest and dearest friend was describing me to someone else: "She's like a baby, she doesn't know squat... but then God tells her stuff, or I do." My friend wasn't kidding, she was 100% correct; in spite of my seemingly confident posts, I am rather dumb most of the time. She was explaining that people aren't just born with the ability to discern what is right and wrong on every occasion, they aren't born knowing many things or with magnificent intellects capable of figuring them out, they need someone to guide them until they can somehow stand on their own two feet. If I were to think for a moment that the way I am or the things I know is what is going to bring me to sainthood... I'd lose all hope. It is the same with most people in the world, we are helpless in reaching the heights of sainthood unless we abandon ourselves into God's hands and allow Him to guide us.

How do we abandon ourselves into God's hands and allow Him to bring us to sainthood? Good question... the first step is allowing ourselves to believe in Him. Closely following this is praying for/having faith in His promises. Then we must allow Him to love us, we must listen to His word with open hearts and the desire to follow His advice, we must pray for our own enlightenment and accept that we are not all-knowing. Finally, we must live our lives according to His Will and strive to give Him our whole selves. We must accept His gifts of grace and the sacraments, because they will make us strong. If a person does all these things with the firm intent of gaining eternal happiness, he can become a saint.

All our callings differ slightly. Some of us are called to do great and amazing things for God... others of us, like dear St. Therese, are called to simply give ourselves to Him in our own small way... but all of us are called to be saints, to be happy forever with Him in heaven.

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