Trust in Him

Friday, February 19, 2010

Clothed in Wool (Poem)

And you, my daughter, shall be white as snow.
Your tender body clothed in wool,
your delicate hands enfolded in purest fleece.
At your feet shall be the sun,
And many flowers shall bloom before you.
My angels shall lie among the roses.
Your halo shall shine like many bright stars,
And doves shall adorn your head.
Your tender smiles and brown glowing eyes,
Shall be my constant delight.
Your hair will be veiled by the coats of heavenly sheep,
More velvety than the seraph's song.
Your graces shall shine with unceasing splendor,
The soles of your feet like celestial moons.
The rays of light extending below and above you,
Shall flow like fresh spring water.
Your face shall be anointed with the sweetest oils,
Your countenance reflecting your innocence.
And you, my daughter, shall be white as snow,
Your tender body clothed in wool.