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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Consolation of Omnipresence

When I was a little girl, I took what I read in my saint books very seriously. When I saw that the different saints were very close to God and the saints while on earth, and how commonplace visions were for some of them, I had absolutely no doubts about the mystery of omnipresence. It was not hard for even my young mind to grasp the wonderful truth that the spiritual world is outside of space and time, and that heaven is present and not far away up in the sky. It was years ago when I made the metaphor of an oasis in the desert... one that cannot be reached by many steps, but which is always present and of which we simply become more aware of as the veil between the material and spiritual lifts with increase of faith and holiness. This implicit belief in the perpetual presence of heavenly beings has given me an astounding amount of consolation throughout my life.

Not only did this help me to understand how intensely wonderful the Sacrament of the Eucharist actually is, but it has put me in constant awe of how close Christ actually is to each person and how deeply He feels for each one. There at our sleeping, there at our waking, there at our praying, there at our working, there at our playing... the understanding of this brings with it the amazing realization of His love and sufferings as He lives through each of our trials with us; even those who displease Him constantly partake, at least in part, in this presence.

With this understanding, one can pray with much deeper faith and be consoled in even the most bitter trials. Likewise, with faith in the presence of heaven, we can feel a very personal friendship with angels and saints. For instance, when I was a pre-teen I sometimes felt the need to cry... and I would cry into Mary's lap, just by praying for her to be there and feeling her comforting touch. Another example is how close I feel to my guardian angel: I appreciate all that he has done for me over the years and can ask his help and advice as confidently as I would a friend. This faith in heavenly presence reaches even higher than personal levels, however. When we believe that the Holy Spirit is present guiding the Church, our trust of even earthly things skyrockets above the natural course of things.

If one believes that God, His angels, and His saints are always able to listen and assist... if one believes that heaven is not distant and that Christ is living in the world today through the Eucharist... then he will find great consolation and faith as a result of this, a faith which is rewarded time and again. Heaven is more "real" than earth itself... because it is Heaven that never ends and exists without death and corruption. So why should we believe that earth is our only reality? Why should we believe that the things of the earth are more real than the things of heaven, and more accessible? Heaven is our final destination, so we should remember to consider the earth as temporary and Heaven as the forever reality. Even as we live in these material bodies and associate with a material world, we remember that the spiritual can access the spiritual (technically our souls are trapped in our bodies, but they can still communicate with and partake of the spiritual). This is why Jesus teaches us to pray and to store up spiritual treasures.

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have mercy on us.
All the angels and saints: Pray for us.

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