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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giving Him All

Those who are truly in love with Christ wish to give Him all they have and all they are. In fact, love is not even necessary for this desire to be present, for we were all created to adore Him for eternity. But what have we to give? Everything we have and are was given to us by Him! Really, we are simply giving back...

If God has given us our lives, the ability to grow, the capacity to learn and work... then in order to completely return these to Him, we must fulfill them. Impossible you say? Yes, it is impossible... but it is an impossibility made possible by Christ. By living each moment for Him and offering all new endeavors to Him, we are perfecting our efforts and acquiring His help in reaching the fullness of our lives through this perfection. Our hardest efforts, greatest sacrifices, and very breath should be expressly for the purpose of presenting a perfect offering to God through Christ's timeless oblation.

There are, however, some gifts of our own that we can give Him: our love and free will. It is true that we would not have even these if not for His gift, but we ourselves can nurture these gifts and make them more... like the servants in the parable of the pounds, we can invest and produce more from what He has given us. These gifts are like seeds that He has planted, but that we grow into great trees. They are like flames, first ignited by Christ, but fed by our thought, our souls, and our identities. If we use the capacity to choose, and the capacity to love, to love Christ... if we allow these to bloom in His goodness and feed them with our eager gratitude for His great gift... then they will flourish in abundant growth and bear much fruit.

The greatest gift we can give to Him is love, and the choice to serve Him. All we have and all we are is His, so let us take care to offer each moment and each action to Him with Christ's Sacrifice so that it may be perfect. Let us remain young and vibrant in our love for Him all the days of our lives, and say that it is no longer we who live and act, but Christ who lives and acts in us. Let us take care that our words and actions fully exemplify this union... and thus come to give Christ full possession of ourselves.

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