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Thursday, February 25, 2010

If You Love Christ, You Love Mankind (Journal Entry)

If one loves God, who is love, he cannot help but love all persons with an intense and dedicated love. This is why those who are most intimate with Christ pray day and night for the world, why the saints were so loving and cried so many tears for those who are lost, and why Christ Himself has asked us to love others as He has loved us... For love is both selfless and desiring to possess all love. If we truly love Him, then we truly love each other.

My Jesus,

If my love for you is true, it is utterly impossible for me not to love all my brothers and sisters, all persons on this earth with my whole heart. How readily and earnestly I would kiss and embrace them! How tenderly would I hold their feet to my chest! How willingly would I suffer and die for any one of them to show my love! Sweet Jesus, my prayers flow forth for them like the tears streaming unhindered down my cheeks! My heart burns with the desire to show them I love them, and to display Your intense goodness to them! To think of their bodily suffering is like a thousand knives in my side, and to see their spiritual suffering is like thorns in my eyes. Indeed, my Jesus, I could sweat blood as I see how they destroy themselves and their happiness by despising your perfect love. Oh, my precious love! How I would take each of these as my child and guide them to you. My love for you hungers constantly to love them more, to give you to them, and to save them by taking their burdens, all of them, on myself. Please console my burning and wretched heart by allowing me to love you, and them, by allowing me to give, over and over, all that I have and am. Sweet Jesus, if you love me, hear my prayer!

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