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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Last Days (Journal Entry)

"In the Last Days, the house of the Lord shall be prepared on the top of mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow to it" (Isaias 2:2)

Divine Master,
You have declared a time when you should be truly known. You have declared a Church encompassing all peoples. For so long your people awaited the days they called "the last days," the days of Jesus Christ. Long they awaited the time when you would show yourself to the world, and long they awaited the days of the Church. The days when you would head an army of your people who would preach of your goodness to the nations.

Yes, your people have long awaited a time when you would show your light to the world, when you would offer the fruits of your wisdom to the ignorant, foolish, and blind. A time when you would save your people from their own stupidity and enlighten and refresh them with truth. A time when those who have become slaves and dependents of pride can be freed by their adoration of you. Perhaps they even dared to hope for a time when you would empathize with humanity and be our Father and Brother.

They waited for the days when the harsh covenant of Moses, the heavy discipline of your wrath, and the pain of outcasts should pass away. They waited for a day when the darkness would pass, and the plagues retreat and be hidden. They waited for a time when evil would be openly combated throughout the earth, and good triumph. They waited for a time when your word would pass through the ears of the deaf, and when your wonderful works would be seen by the blind. They waited for a day when when they could look towards you and not die in their guilt.

But they could not have known what the last days would bring. They could not have known the love that you brought. They could not have seen the great triumphs of your Church, nor the illuminating light that shines upon all your servants. They could not have imagined the Fatherly embrace you have freely offered to all peoples. They could not have imagined the mercy and goodness of your new covenant! No, they could not have seen the life and fruit that the Spring would bring.

Dear Master, you are the expression of compassion. Your love and goodness are the most precious treasures of all the world. You have instituted a covenant of compassion and release, a call to love first and then freely to obey! You have taken a human nature... and through your Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection you have brought infinite consolation and mercy to your people. Yes, it has been your desire to shed infinite blessings on all who breath!

You have sealed your love with your death on the Cross, and have come to set us free. You have given us yourself through the Eucharist, and have forgiven all our faults. You have led us to peace and life giving waters, and have named the meek and humble and good "blessed." Now all nations adore and exalt you, and you head your army of soldiers armored in goodness to overcome evil. You have heard our prayer, and lovingly called us your children.

Indeed, your eternal covenant has been realized and your promises fulfilled. No longer does life pass away, no longer is humanity desolate, no longer have you shown yourself as a distant Deity... the Kingdom is at hand, and the beauty of God is blooming before our eyes. All sorrows, trials, and darkness have become roadways to your light, which has pierced even these. Now you guide us to yourself, so that we may each come to the fullness of life by uniting with your love in death. Oh! How happy is the one that serves you!

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