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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let There Be Light!

And God said: Be light made. And Light was made.
And He called the light Day, and the darkness night;
And there was evening and morning one night.
(Genesis 1:3,5)

It amazes me how much SENSE the Catholic Church's teachings make once I have given them some thought. The Church begins the Lenten season with this powerful definition of life and death... the age-old question: "What is life?" is answered a few words on this day: "From dust you came, and to dust you shall return." With these words we embark on our Lenten pilgrimage, signifying our earthly pilgrimage closely, and we travel with holy hearts to the springs of life at Easter, which closely signify our new life in Heaven. Unlike our earthly travels, however, where our feet pass over the road... the paths of time constantly pass beneath our feet. In this pilgrimage we must be sure to move towards the light of Easter so the paths of time do not sweep away from us unnoticed, and death and new birth come upon us unaware.

In the day that God created man, he made him to the likeness of God.
He created them, male and female; and blessed them.
And the days of Adam after he begot Seth were eight hundred years:
And he begot sons and daughters.
(Genesis 5:1-2,4)

I have a dear friend who is currently attending a Catholic College. Last Ash Wednesday she commented: "Its very interesting to see hundreds of students walking around with ashes on their heads!" It is indeed interesting. After I received my ashes this morning, I realized that all of us in the Church... young and old, weak and strong, beautiful and homely... we were all wearing the same mark. Each and everyone of us was born human and remains human, just like every other person on earth. We share this humanity with Jesus, and it has been blessed. However, we all must die someday... in that we all are alike. We cannot choose the date and time of our deaths, and it must come. How foolish is pride! We have been made of dust, and remain dust, and the only light within us is the light of Christ, the shard of spirit that is our likeness to God.

And He said: Behold Adam has become as one of us, knowing good and evil.
(Genesis 1:11-12)

Lent is a time to realize our sins, and our guilt. We are no longer innocent, but have chosen the dangerous path of evil. Now there is are vipers before us, behind us, and to both side of us waiting to bring us evil and death. We ourselves have often chosen to be like those vipers... to be toxic and evil in our thoughts and deeds. With the men who crowned Christ with thorns we have spit at him and mocked him for his goodness, and said that we have desired evil and scorned His love. But He has forgiven us and begged with open arms and many tears that we come to Him and walk in His light. He has asked us to listen to His word with open hearts, so that our minds can be enlightened, our hearts filled with joy, and souls at peace on His lighted path. He has come to us, turned his face to the sun in the distance, and pointed at it, longing to have us live there. We must go to Him and ask Him to heal us and make us strong, to guide us as we pay for our sins, and to carry the burden of our guilt for us so we will not be overwhelmed. He will help, but we must try to renew ourselves and follow Him.

And He said: Let the earth bring forth the green herb,
And the earth brought forth the green herb,
And such yielded seed according to its kind,
And the tree that beareth fruit.
(Genesis 1:11-12)

My pastor explained at Mass this morning that Lent is translated as "Spring." We have traveled through a long dreary summer, a busy fall, and a winter of hardships... and now is the time for us to bloom and be born again. All that we have done in our past lives we are sorry for, and we forget. Now we restart, and make an attempt to start as a child does... we have left behind our pride, malice, laziness, and other sins to begin again with innocence and virtue. The rust on our souls and on our minds is now scraped off and the raw thought behind it is fresh again. The path of salvation has been pointed out to us, we have seen life and death for what they are, and now we can grow and bear fruit. Picture in your mind a bright smile, rosy cheeks, an innocent mind, a humble heart, a desire to suffer and do penance, and a pure soul burning with love. This is our spring, and this is our chance to start again with the firm intent to never sin again and live saintly and virtuous lives. May you have a Blessed Lent!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The book I quoted was The Imitation of Christ; if you don't already own it, you may want to acquire it. It has been in the pocket of many a Saint, including St. Therese.

  2. It was truly a beautiful excerpt from the Imitation of Christ that you posted in your blog. I owe one, and read in it now and then, but I never cease to be amazed by the wonderful things it contains :). And your reminder came at the perfect moment!