Trust in Him

Friday, February 19, 2010


The story of Moses is very significant... He was born Hebrew, the pharaoh sought his life, his mother set him on the water to drift away, and the daughter of the pharaoh found him and had pity on him, taking him as her own. He was raised as a prince and a ruler, but knew his Hebrew origin and chose to be loyal to his brothers and their God rather than his foster family and their pagan gods. He gave up riches and power, and fled to the land of Midian, where he married and had two sons. He lived there until God called him.

We also are set adrift the waters of faith and baptism amidst a land full of evils and demons seeking to destroy us. We are like strangers in a foreign land, growing in a place away from our true home in heaven. But when we are grown enough, we turn back to our true home with longing and loyalty. In Confirmation we agree to make the pilgrimage back to our Father in the company of the Church. We seek to live a good life and learn to use our own reason and free will in godly ways. When we are ready, God reveals Himself to us and calls us to a certain vocation.

Our heavenly brothers and sisters, like Moses' kinsmen, seem to have it pretty tough. Jesus died on the cross, many of the saints suffered martyrdom and great penances, the Church has been oppressed by worldly evils of doubt and ignorance... truly, following the path of righteousness is equivalent to heavy labor, and the dangers of the wayside equivalent to a restless scourge. It takes faith and decision to put ourselves into God's hands and receive His goodness... and it was never meant to be easy. But if we prove ourselves good and faithful sons and daughters, He will free us and lead us by the hand to the Promised Land. Remember, we are dust and to dust we shall return... but our souls will not be left among the dead... when we have reached the end of our pilgrimage we will drink from the waters of grace and receive a reward a hundred times all our efforts.

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