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Monday, February 1, 2010


Music has long been a beautiful method of spreading inspiration from the heart. In each generation and culture different types of music have reflected the "feeling" of the day. Some listen to music to feel God, some listen to feel freedom from care, some listen to feel sorrow or joy, some just listen simply because music is pleasing to the ear. I daresay that heaven will be music and harmony.

This is clearly understood throughout the world. Even the most reserved persons have some preference in music. The Church knows this clearly. The cloisters do not recite the Divine Office... they chant it. Our Church contains some of the most beautiful Latin hymns which refresh an build fervor. You will notice some of the most beautiful souls have delighted in song and instruments. Even the Bible speaks often about the songs of angels and harp of David.

Thus, song and music are very important to our spiritual progress. I find great joy in singing for Jesus.. and in my shame of my own voice, I am comforted by asking that He make it the voice of an angel that enters His Ear in place of mine. I wish that I could play instruments beautifully, but I have not learned and am not very talented; although I do try. I can clearly see how music can directly harmonize with the song of the soul... and I hope that you all see it too.

Indeed, the music we listen to is part of what builds our hearts and soul. Therefore, I encourage you to listen to some of your favorite spiritual music as you read my posts. I have links to music in the sidebar of my blog... I will not add music to my site because some music is just noise if listened to at the wrong time... but I earnestly urge you to engage in this beautiful expression of love, music. Do not underestimate the power of music to leave seeds of love and beauty in our souls that grow during moments of silence.

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