Trust in Him

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Brother's Visit (Poem)

Smiling Sweetly, with head bared,
he came to visit me.
Without even a first bonjour, just after our sign of peace,
we jointly praise God's name.
I kneel at his feet for him to bless me,
with his gentle hand.
A man of peace, and simplicity,
he asks the Lord to grant me grace.
I speak to him, of the dreams of my heart,
he offers wise consolation.
Face of holiness, glowing eyes,
his troubles he humbly tells.
Gentle man of God, with a heart of bold male pride,
his shoulders were broad and strong.
But kindness and respect he flourished,
on my smallish form.
Pleading with a humble soul,
he asked for MY advice.
As if inspired, I spoke to him,
compassion on my breath.
My love was true, my sweetness shared,
with him who I called dear.
Tears filled his eyes, to the ground he falls,
and I sit on my heals.
We talk to each other with love out poured,
God smiles down on us.
I wish him strength and courage,
he promises his prayers.
His poor robe of woven brown,
his cord around his waist,
Are patched and mended, just like mine,
he's my Franciscan brother.

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