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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Moment With Jesus

The recent meditative exercise which I did in my post "Moments in Christ's Life" inspired me to write this story about one moment with Him. This is not the first of its kind, or the last, but it is still unique and worth reading. While you are reading it... I want you to remember the forever moment which is eternity... and which we will enter into in Heaven.

It was a quiet clearing. The sun was setting, as I stood there. Beauty glinted off the clear water of a small pond next to me, and I turned my gaze to the water. I first noticed His bare feet splashing gently on the surface... there was a white light shining from he soles of them as they rose and softly fell again. Waving gently around the surfaces of His feet was a long white gown... as if spun by angels with heavenly fleece. I raised my eyes to His hands.... both blessing and beckoning me with a single motion. They were strong and tender. My gaze drifted to His face. As I approached Him, I saw the gleam of love in His eyes. Oh His Eyes! Tears, light, kindness, beauty... nothing could explain the beauty of His eyes. He was smiling, a gentle smile. His whole person emitted a light... not white nor yellow nor blue nor pink... but a combination of all. But, most of all, as I got closer... I realized the yearning in His expression. His whole person seemed to be beating with vibrant love, as if He would burst. I came to Him... knelt on my feet in the water, it was not wet, but slightly cool. I looked at His Face, at His Eyes, and He looked back at me with a glance that was too great to bear. My eyes closed for a moment, and reopened... it was dark and He was gone.

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  1. Sadie,
    This is a beautiful moment. I have a small picture of Jesus on my desk at work. In it He is sitting on a rock. I sometimes think of a small pool of water at the base of that rock. Your moment gave me an extension of that picture. I visit with Him often throughout my day on that rock.
    The water in your image also has a baptismal, cleansing aspect as well. I loved this.
    Thanks and God Bless!