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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Pearl City (Holy Ghost Version)

Her eyes were bright and distant as two stars that day as she left home. She wasn't going very far, just to the chapel nearby. She was dressed in a light pink dress, and her head and shoulders were covered with a lovely cream colored shawl. Her stride was not long, or even quick, there was no need for it to be either... it took her only moments to arrive at her destination. She carefully opened the door: yes, she was right! He was there waiting for her! Her heart was light as she walked gently down the narrow isle to the step of the alter. There was no one there, except Him. She gazed upon Him for a few moments, and then looked around at the tiny chapel she was kneeling in... the alter was only ten feet in breadth, and the area of the pews was no bigger. Just herself and Him and quiet... the air smelled of angel's incense and she could hear the sound of distant song.

She lost all sense of space and time, and two hours passed by her unnoticed. Then she was awakened by an opening of the wall directly behind the alter. A pure white dove with flaming wings hovered in the center of what was now a deep blue sky. The three remaining walls of the chapel passed out of her memory as she dared move a little nearer. She did not rise, but still she moved nearer the Living Tabernacle, as if on air. The flame of the great dove's wings warmed her pale cheeks into a deep red flush, and her blood heated within her until her body bloomed with a deep pink.

Whether she moved forward, or the chapel drifted away, she did not know. The sky became open all around her, and still the flaming dove had not moved from before her face. She was no longer kneeling on the wooden alter step, but a cushion of blue marble. No longer did the dark chapel surround her, with the smell of burning candles filling the air, but she was kneeling in the midst of a great palace made of clear blue pearl and her nostrils were filled with the strong scent of incense which seemed to be emitted in the dove's breath. She sensed the light of millions of seraphs surrounding her, but she could now see nothing, for the immensity of the flaming God before her had absorbed all her senses.

All sense of time deserted her, all life seemed as nothing, as the pierce of the Great Dove's eye enveloped her. She burned as her lips, her heart, her very soul were purged with the deep blue fire that the ignited pearl had now become. In a moment she could see God, heaven, earth, and all things. In a moment her mind could think all thoughts and know all knowledge as the Dove became as air and entered into her. The intensity of her feeling reached the highest limits of pain and she felt that she herself would explode into rays of light. But she saw the fiery dove retreat into the invincible palace of her soul and reside there, and she was freed of it's fire.

Still she kneeled there, in her pink dress and cream colored shawl, absorbed in prayer in the little chapel. The priest walked in and gave her and those kneeling all around her Our Lord's Benediction. She made the sign of the cross without much thought, and her hour of Adoration had ended. Returning to her home, she glanced at the sky for a moment and caught a glimpse of a city of blue pearl diminishing into the air.

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