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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer Without Words

This post is so closely related with my last post (secrets) that it is almost essential to read them together to get the full understanding of this concept.

I have already touched gently on contemplation and silence of the mind and heart, but I will do so again. At times there is a special kind of prayer in which we must engage: prayer without words. It takes time and patience to achieve, but the fruits of love which spring from this kind of prayer are endless. These are the "secrets" I spoke of, and it is best described as a communing with Him.

For some, this may be a disposition of the soul, such as one which resembles a loving embrace, that last many moments. It is felt, not spoken or described. For some it is an image of soul-sight, perhaps focusing on some small form such as His Mouth or Hands... and, while this sight perceives their form and condition, it does so without giving it description. Yet others commune through unspoken words. When I say unspoken, I mean words that are neither said nor even though, but at the same time spill the contents of the soul into His Hands in the form of words.

Communing with Christ is done most easily before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the Alter, in peaceful circumstances. But, one who is holy and close to Him can do it anywhere, for He is ever present in spirit. I am sure that this one of the kinds of prayer Christ engaged in when He went alone to pray to the Father. It is a 'breathing prayer". It bears spiritual fruits of holiness which especially increase our closeness to Him and make us much brighter lights of the Holy Spirit.

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