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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Prophecy of Isaias

"This inspired writer is called by the Holy Ghost, the great prophet, (Ecclesiasticus 48.25,) from the greatness of his prophetic spirit, by which he hath foretold so long before, and in so clear a manner, the coming of Christ, the mysteries of our redemption, the calling of the Gentiles, and the glorious establishment, and perpetual flourishing of the church of Christ: insomuch that he may seem to have been rather an evangelist than a prophet. His very name is not without mystery; for Isaias in Hebrew signifies the salvation of the Lord, or Jesus is the Lord. He was, according to the tradition of the Hebrews, of the blood royal of the kings of Juda: and after a most holy life, ended his days by a glorious martyrdom; being sawed in two, at the command of his wicked son in law, King Manasses, for reproving his evil ways."

It did not take me long to decide which book of the Bible would be best for my Lectio meditation during the Lenten and Easter Seasons, in addition, of course, to the daily readings. As the above excerpt, found in the opening of the Prophecy of Isaias, so beautifully says... Isaias seemed to be more of an evangelist that a prophet. His teachings on Christ's life were the first, and Jesus fulfilled every one of them, either during His life or afterward through the Holy Spirit. This passage: "
He was offered because it was his own will, and he opened not his mouth: he shall be led as a sheep to the slaughter, and shall be dumb as a lamb before his shearer, and he shall not open his mouth." (Isaias 53:7). is certainly my favorite of all prophecies concerning Christ's life.

I also believe that one of the greatest ways of strengthening our faith is to read the prophecies of Isaias and identify how they coincide with the Gospels. God is truly a God of the past, present, and future. Jesus is the fulfillment of a promise that was made from the beginning of time. The Church of Christ will not fall because He Himself has founded it. All these things are written by the great prophet and worthy of our meditation. Those who want a deeper look into the Mystery of the Passion and the Gospel would do well to meditate on some of the Prophesies of Isaias. All too often the words of the Bible begin to lose significance for us after we have heard them over and over... but the prophecy of Isaias is a perfect example of why we should be constantly refreshing our memory on how much is held within the Biblical words and seek to edify ourselves through them.


  1. Sadie -

    There is no such thing as a vocation to be a physical part of the Vatican-2 heretic cult that was founded in 1965 at the Vatican. The V-2 documents have over 200 anti-Christ heresies in them.

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    Our Lady of Conquest
    Pray for us

  2. Dear Mike,

    Thank you very much for your concern, it is much appreciated. I am simply a follower of Christ, and not gifted with knowledge, therefore I need His Church to guide me. I have faith that He will protect me from heresy if I put my faith in Him, and therefore believe He Himself supports the infallibility of our pope.

    If my choice to enter the monastery, founded completely on love and a wish to serve God and man, is wrong... then I know the God of mercy will make it right and bring merit through my efforts. You must believe, my brother, that He will not leave a servant such as I in the dark. If you know Him, as I believe I do, then you also know He has compassion for His flock and will always guide us through the protecting Church He founded. We do not need to live in fear, but rather peace and love.

    May God bless you and Mary keep you,
    In Jesus,