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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secrets of the Soul

One has not reached the splendor of true spirituality if he does not have an understanding of personal things which he has never spoken about, secrets between himself and God. He must have a storehouse of these and ponder them in his heart. The nature of these "secrets" varies. Sometimes they are merely words, words that are spoken neither by mouth or in the mind, but are unspoken and undefined words. Sometimes they are images. Sometimes they are knowledge, given by God and of the essence of the spirit, not relating to material understanding.

One must seek some silence, some security of the soul where these things, good things, are stored. A house, a cottage, a stronghold which only admits himself and Christ. This is where he shall further his relationship with Him. This stronghold in the recesses of our soul must not contain evil in any form... pride, sin, and temptation are banished from it. It is a place meant only to hold Christ, and no one else. It would be better for this special space in ourselves to be empty than to be dormant or corrupted... it is meant only to further holiness in ourselves.

We must never mistake our abode with Christ for a means of keeping ourselves within ourselves. We must never refuse to share what God desires us to say out of shyness for revealing a fruit of our "secret." Nor can we selfishly engage in furthering our own spirituality in this way unless we are willing to allow "secrets" to bear fruit in our actions. We must remember that our souls are holy temples where the Spirit resides, and that He desires to work through us.

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