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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Simplicity of His Bride


Truly, there is nothing more beautiful in a woman than simplicity. This is the beauty of a bride which God delights in especially. So simple is a woman who is in love with Christ that her whole world and all in it breaks down into simple elements.

A virgin who is simple is innocent and modest. Her entire being is unconditionally dedicated to one fundamental Love. Her bearing is austere but lovely and her words are clear and precise. Her way of life is has one purpose that moves it, and this purpose is Love; love of Jesus and love of her neighbor. She is wise inasmuch as she does not complicate her knowledge, nor look beyond the crystal springs for wisdom. She is understanding because her heart pulses to a single tune of love which understands all her children's shortcomings.

One who is simple does not seek to gain excess knowledge... but delights in that which she possesses. One who is simple does not despise earthly goods, but rather delights in even the smallest earthly pleasure as a gift from her Spouse. She is persistently joyful in her ecstatic love. When she must be sorrowful, she does not look beyond the Breast of Christ or consolation of a friend for comfort. No gift does she desire beyond those trees and birds and grasses so freely bestowed on her by her Beloved. Her heart is concerned only with the pleasure of Love, and all other pleasures are merely superfluous glamor.

If a girl is simple, she is free from crime. She does not lust or delight in gluttony, for she is already filled and overflowing in her Love. Nor does she seek to beautify herself with immodest clothing or actions, for her Beloved has told her that she is beautiful already. She is not apt to judge, for she is humble in her loving reverence of her Spouse and all He contains. She does not lie, for in her simplicity she does not seek to complicate the truth. She is not prone to slothfulness, for she sees no greater daily gift to her Love than her devoted service.

Truly, one who is simple is wise and fair. She loves perfectly, and all else flows from her endless love. Her desires are the desires of eternity, and she knows that none will take her joy from her. She is confident and secure, for she has a perfect trust. She is not self-conscious when teaching or advising, for in her meek submission to her Spouse her faith is complete. She is never jealous or dissatisfied, for He gives her the world and all in it to tend. Never do her own motives override her care for others, for her motive is purely one of love. Her friendship is infinite, for she who is so simply loyal to her Spouse never forgets her friends.

If one is simple, she does not seek excess joys or frills. She delights in her love, and seeks silent communing with Him. She prefers faith to mysticism, and peace to confrontation. She does not need ornamentation, for her efforts to be clean and beautiful are pleasing to Him. Nor does she care if she is seen, for He looks upon her endlessly. Nothing can take the place of her supreme happiness when He smiles upon her work, and no pleasurable occupation can replace dusting the shelves if He has requested it. Indeed, her hands, feet, and heart move to one motion... the motion of Love.

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