Trust in Him

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Tribute to Hope (poem)

Oh precious pearl,
Oh sweetest gem,
Oh freshest birth,
Oh closest horizon,

One of loving nature,
One of consoling brow,
One of tender hands,
One of glowing eyes,

Giver of many gifts,
Giver of greatest peace,
Giver of brightest light,
Giver of enduring strength,

Knower of living mysteries,
Knower of Divine wisdom,
Knower of mankind's future,
Knower of highest heaven,

Finder of hidden treasures,
Finder of smallest children,
Finder of magnificent rapture,
Finder of ends to pain,

Maker of straight paths,
Maker of perfect conclusion,
Maker of desperate lands,
Maker of eternal imagination,

Your touch is sweet,
Your intention pure,
Your advice is right,
Your words sincere.


  1. Beautiful poem ... thank you for sharing.

  2. By the way, the "code" that I had to enter to post my comment was MARY!!