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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two Tiny Hands (Poem)

I bet he had two tiny hands,
And ten little toes.
A nose that squished up when he laughed,
And lips just like a rose.

I'm sure that both his eyes were brown,
And twinkled like the stars.
His feet no bigger than my thumb,
And toenails just like ours.

He couldn't of been a solemn kid,
He must have laughed a lot.
He prolly played some little games,
While he was just a tot.

No doubt he loved to run and shout;
Try to be big and strong.
And though his sandals Mary'd mend,
They'd never last too long.

I wonder if he really knew,
Why all the skies were blue.
Or if his parents ever said,
"Those birds have houses too"

Perhaps he was a tender child,
Caring for each friend.
And assuring every man he met,
That life is not the end.

Whatever kind of little boy,
I know that he was good.
And I am certain with no doubt,
he had a great childhood.

My friend told me that when we get to Heaven, we'll see what He looked like as a little baby... he must have been so cute! Looking at the picture in the post below, with Simeon holding the Infant, made me wish I could hold him as just a little baby...

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