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Monday, March 1, 2010


I have several very close internet friendships... and really enjoy communicating with these friends. One day I was talking to my friend about how an internet friendship is almost as good as an in person one because we can say twice as much... and she said: "don't you ever just like being with a person? Just sitting in a room with them and their company without saying anything at all? Just enjoying their aura?" I admit that I had never thought of that until she mentioned it, but it is something I will not soon forget.

We have such a tendency to overlook just being with a person, and instead we focus on what we are doing or saying. You know, Winnie the Pooh hit this right on the nail when he said "together, we can do anything... but only Christopher Robin and I can do... nothing." For him, the ability to do nothing constituted the truest and deepest friendship.

It makes sense that we would, in this case, simply enjoy being around Jesus. In the Eucharist, He is physically and spiritually present, so have we ever thought about just sitting in His presence, enjoying His company? My priest mentioned at Mass yesterday that Jesus drew people to Him... with His goodness and joy and love people flocked to Him, and then they listened to His words. The aura that surrounded Him must have been very loving indeed!

So, what would people enjoy by just being around us? Are we beautiful in spirit? Are we honest and sincere and virtuous? We are called to allow Christ to live within us so that we radiate Christ's love, so that instead of sensing us, people sense Christ when they are around us. Have you ever met a person who was so holy that you could just feel it when you were around them? We are temples of the Holy Ghost... we are called to be filled with the incense of the Holy Place and allow it to be sensed by all around us through our holiness and virtuous actions.

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