Trust in Him

Monday, March 15, 2010


The virtue fortitude is one of the most important virtues for a Christian in this world where peace seems a rare pleasure. Temptations and persecution make it continually difficult to live a good life as we encounter around every turn the degrading effects of sin. Fortitude helps us to bear up under physical suffering and temptation, but it also helps us to bear up in great spiritual difficulties in, perhaps, an even more prominent way.

Everyone suffers from doubt and depression at some point in his life, and fortitude is necessary to maintain peace and tranquility during these times. By steadily clinging to our faith in God, and remembering the purpose for which we have been put on earth, we can bear these inner trials and overcome them.

But fortitude goes even further than giving us personal strength to persevere in our trials, it also helps us to continue giving to others in the midst of our sufferings. One who has fortitude will show great Charity to his neighbor especially when he himself is in the most distress. There is an almost supernatural nobility in this God-given virtue, and one that every Christian should pursue with dignity and love.

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