Trust in Him

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Prodigal Son

When reading the parable of the Prodigal Son, one comes to the realization of how much God really loves us. Truly, there could be no greater love than that which one feels for a loved one in danger. God feels the greatest sorrow when we choose to do evil and destroy ourselves with our sins, and there is no person that He does not long to hold to His heart. Can you imagine the joy He must feel at each soul's conversion? Jesus attempts to describe this in the parables of the Prodigal Son, Lost Sheep, and Widow's Mite, but words could not explain the love with which God receives us.

It was difficult for the brother in this parable to understand his father's joy at the return of his son. The prodigal son had sinned grievously against God and his father, and yet he was still received with open arms. Jesus decided with every step of His Passion to save each and every soul. Even souls He knew in His heart would be lost, even souls who would die in their sins, even souls who would despise His love and disgustingly spurn Him again and again, all these He saved through love and did not relieve Himself of even one of these soul's burdens. So great is His love, then, that those who are reconciled to Him are looked upon by Him with only love and peace, and He shows not even the slightest repugnance at being eternally united with a soul who has sinned against Him.

I have often wished that I could have given Jesus this joy, by having been lost and then found and converted. It was then that I realized with humility that if "even the just man sins seven times a day", then I could be guilty of seventy times seven sins daily. Each day we are again forgiven and accepted by God. As many times as we realize our faults and promise to correct them we make a conversion of heart and, like the prodigal son, are received with much joy by Jesus who loves us so much.

Let us then decide to undergo conversion of heart and be reconciled to Him. Every night as we examine our consciences we should again experience the repentance and reuniting with the Father that the parable of the prodigal son exemplifies, and bring God this joy.


  1. Very nice reflection on one of Jesus' most beautiful parables!

  2. What a lovely reflection on this reading (which happens to be one of my very favorites)

  3. beautifully put, Jocy! one of my favorite parables :)