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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Tenth Station

V: We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You. (Genuflect)

R: Because, by Your holy cross, You have redeemed the world. (Rise)

V: Consider how Jesus was violently stripped of His clothes by His executioners. The inner garments adhered to his lacerated flesh and the soldiers tore them off so roughly that the skin came with them. Have pity for your Savior so cruelly treated and tell Him: (Kneel)

R: My innocent Jesus, / by the torment You suffered in being stripped of Your garments, / help me to strip myself of all attachment for the things of earth / that I may place all my love in You who are so worthy of my love. / I love You, O Jesus, with all my heart; / I am sorry for ever having offended You. / Never let me offend You again. / Grant that I may love You always; and then do with me as You will.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.)

Holy Mother, pierce me through
In my heart each wound renew
Of my Savior crucified.

"I will give you all this, if you will only bow down and worship me." The words slipped from his mouth as from a serpent's tongue, and as he opened his arms, all the dominions of the world were in sight. My Jesus inclined His head and said "God alone shall I worship."

As the soldiers tore off His garments, His eyes looked toward Heaven: "You alone, Father." He whispered gently. As they tore the last scrap of clothing from Him, I realized the crown of thorns was all that remained on Him. "I am a King." I heard these words in my heart. Powerful clouds were just beginning to come together in the sky... had I been anywhere else, I may have thought the sight of the gray clouds touched by sunlight to be very pleasant. But now they seemed to echo these words: "I have done you many acts of kindness, for which of these do you want to kill me?" In the silence of my heart, the words of the prophet reiterated themselves "He shall be raise high and greatly exalted. Even as many were amazed at him, so marred was his look beyond that of man." Marred indeed was His look, but His love shone Divinity.

I looked now, as if from afar, on myself. Jesus was there, and I could see all the wounds of His Passion, yet they were clean and glorified. His face was curved in emotion of love, and He asked me to please accept the heart which He offered in His hands. At first I did not realize what I was doing, but when it donned on me, I felt that I could have fallen to the ground in tears. My distant self was eating from a heavily filled plate and my eyes were glued on a television screen; I had forgotten to pray, and He was still waiting for me.

Dear Jesus, please free me from all strings and distractions which tie my wings and hinder me from flying to you at your call. Let your face be ever on my mind, and your name ever on my mind. Sweet Jesus, you have died for me, and you continue to offer me the greatest gifts of love. How could there ever be a moment in which I forget? How could there be a moment when I do not think of you? I know the pain you felt in being stripped of all that was left to you, as even your precious skin was torn from you, but you have done it willingly. My Jesus, I see you stripped of all your clothing, and I know, that all I bring with me to the grave and to eternal life is my love for you. You are a king, and you show me now what it is to possess... please, Lord, let me live in utter poverty and thus share in the only kingdom that you claimed on earth.

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