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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why I Wake Up (Poem)

Again the morning bells are rung,
The dark turns into gray.
Again the morning hymns are sung,
To start a new long day.

I turn and toss ever wearily in bed,
Not willing to welcome the day.
I recalled then what a wise man said,
"When you wake up each morn say:

'I have come from restful slumber,
In the dark I laid.
Of sleep and death I was a member,
Till my body's debt I paid.

'My ears could not hear,
Nor my eyes gaze,
Except on dreams, far but near,
Through a weary haze.

'Now I hear song, and precious birds,
My eyes adorned with sunlight.
No dreams could quite equal birds,
Nor could they equal sight.

'A reality now my senses perceive,
Consciousness soothes right.
It's offenses quickly from my mind cleave,
As no dark shadows give me flight.

'Oh God has given light of day,
So we might live for Him.
A time for slumber gives way,
To prayers and sacred hymn.

'Let us all rise, work, and play,
In life's perfect rhythm,
Giving to Him this new May,
Of our eternal heaven.'"

Now I wake with perfect joy,
Savoring the light.
The globe, the work, they're my new toy,
I praise the day and chase the night.

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