Trust in Him

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It was a beautiful morning as he walked out the door into a paradise of green grass. He was barefoot and his clothing was poor, and held in place by a white cord. As he walked the trees rustled in the wind above his head, and the light shone through the leaves to fall gently on his face. A cloud or two drifted in the sky and brought a cool shower that lasted only a few moments and then diminished in the clean air of dawn. In the distance was a view of hills and flatlands, flanked by a mountain covered with newly grown trees. He walked at a leisurly pace, breathing deeply of the lovely scented air.

As he walked, he came upon a field with flowers growing abundantly. The pinks and blues and yellows gave off such a perfume that he felt he was in a paradise and sat down softly, sitting back on his heals. His mouth spread in a smile as he broke into a tune... a tune with no set words or melody, but very surely a musical song of love. Birds of all colors began to flutter around him as he sang, and some settled at his feet and on the grasses surrounding him. Soon his song began to convey the goodness of God, and the wonderful love of Christ. The deep set meaning of the beatitudes drifted from his mouth with gentleness and grace, and his eyes glowed with enthusiasm. The birds lifted up his song to the heavens and came down again, flooding him with grace.

A short time passed and he rose again and walked on. His song had stopped, but in every step the melody continued and in his every movement his words were expressed. As he went his way, he brought with him the peace of that field, and communicated the love that he had expressed to those birds. His simplicity gave him wings, with which he flew to a point in the sky where he could see the beauty of that field and hear the lovely song of those birds at each and every moment. Thus, he never left this field, nor did he leave that peace behind, but instead brought it with him wherever he went.

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