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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fulfilling Our Priestly Obligation

"I have made you a priestly nation, a people set apart."

As Catholics we have been granted a great privilege... a privilege of which we could never be worthy. Through the sacraments God imparts His grace, His very self to us, and frees us of all the ugliness that clings to our spirits. Through Him we are free, we are new, we are beautiful, and we are blessed... who could begin to fathom such intense goodness as the goodness that God has given us through His Church? He has promised to guard and protect us, to lead us to places where we will be safe from harm and to flourish upon us the gifts of His creation. He has given us the world and all that is in it... the trees, the animals, and the seasons... and through Baptism He has created in us a clean heart with which we can enjoy this beauty of creation.

But to own the gift, this precious gift, is not free of obligation. Jesus has commissioned His Church to evangelize all nations... to care for the poor and those sick souls so desperately in need of His grace. He calls us to be His children, and to work in His vineyards. This privilege is not without difficulty, and as His sons and daughters we share His cross. We love these people that He has called us to help, and we give our life for them. He calls us to labor tirelessly for the salvation of sinners, and to cling to the threads of hope for those who are all but damned, so that by our hope for them God can reach their hearts and save them.

God has given us every joy, and every gift of love... He has led us to the springs of eternal life, and promises us life with Him. We are filled with wonder and amazement as we see what He has done for us, and the wisdom of His words. He has filled us, therefore, let us be an expression of this fullness of perfection which He has placed within us, and within the grasp of our hands. Let us work in His fields, let us preach His words, let us be a consolation to those tearful people who have not found Him, let us be unafraid, and ever prepared to give all that we have and are in this all important commission which Christ has laid upon the faithful. For this Jesus died, and as we share in His work, His loving gaze settles upon us and His kingly head nods in approval.

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