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Friday, April 16, 2010

Making All Things New

Listen to this beautiful song about Christ and His Mother:
Making All Things New

Some of you will remember a post I wrote sometime ago titled "Heart of My Heart," at the time I had no idea where I had heard that phrase, but now it seems pretty obvious that I must have heard it during the movie of the Passion. This beautiful song really has a powerful impact on me because it shows the beauty of Christ's death... "see, I am making all things new".. through the sorrows and pains of His Passion, He shows us that God can bring even the greatest evils to good. To look upon Christ's face, bruised and torn and ugly from the pain, I see a love in His eyes that to me is more beautiful than anything else in the world. Indeed, in the face of such deep loveliness, no handsomeness or beauty is anything at all. He is the way, the truth, and the light... His touch is life, and His word is heaven. He makes all things new.

The gentle mother of Christ, so full of compassion and yet so strong to bear the pain, has exemplified our part in the sacrifice. If we die with Christ, we shall also live with Him. Let us say with her "I am your servant, your handmaid, and I say yes again." Even when the world seems the darkest, we can raise our eyes to heaven with faith and see light, then go on, strengthened from above. Let us prepare our hearts to give all to Christ, so that He can make it new. Mary, who cried so many tears for Jesus, cries tears for us also. She will stand by our side, and lead us to Him. "You have been freed from the shackles of sin, my child, now is the time..." she calls us gently to go with trust to Christ, who makes all things new.

Easter is a time for looking at what Christ has made new and rejoicing in it. It is a time for seeing that our reality is not the end, and that in God there is a greater and more perfect life that awaits us. We rejoice because Christ has made all things new, and He has cleansed us and redeemed us from all our sins. He has brought joy, peace, and contentment to this valley of tears, and promises that we will be happy with Him forever. The lily that represents purity tells of goodness, and that good will reign forever. Christ, the risen King, will triumph in the highest glory. Let us praise Him, and thank Him, as we meditate on His act of Redemption.

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  1. I have to admit, I shed a tear or two during that scene in The Passion. It really highlights the love of both Jesus and our Holy Mother.