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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Need To Be Loved

"If They Persecute Me, They Will Persecute You Also."

We have been made body and spirit by God, and as such we have many needs; but by far the greatest need of our spirit is love. The nourishing love that God has destined us to share is infinite, it is a Divine Love, and is only realized in the fullness of eternal heaven. On earth this need is eased by faith, hope, and love within our earthly capacity. Most, if not all people find themselves hungry for this love, and many do not identify what it is or how it is to be satisfied. Indeed, perhaps this greatest good, this need for the absolute perfection of Divine Love, is a central cause of sin. It is certainly instrumental in many people straying from the path to heavenly love. But why?

We are born ignorant and small, unable to do anything for ourselves. We do, however, have the capacity to grow from the first moment of our conception in the womb, and we continue to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually throughout our entire lives. Many times we flatter ourselves with the thought that we know quite a bit, but we never know enough to walk the way to eternal life perfectly on our own. It is this deception within a person that leads to evils such as sensuality and materialism. We are familiar with ice cream, and therefore we know how to make use of it for our own pleasure... but if we were only familiar with ice cream, we would be unable to imagine peach cobbler which is, of course, somewhat better (in my humble opinion). Oftentimes we are deceived by our lack of knowledge into thinking there is nothing better than what we can obtain in this life, and therefore we should make the best of it. In this we are wrong... the wisest man is he who admits how little he knows. We are never much more than ignorant and small, therefore, we must always seek wisdom and purpose where it is to be found--in Christ.

We are not always mistaken, however, in our identification of this great need. Many, many times we identify it immediately and seek to satisfy it with human affections. Our human nature habitually corrupts this need to be loved into a focus on how others think of us. We become afraid that others are not thinking well of us, and live our lives in a veritable slavery to human opinions. It is not uncommon, even for the holiest of us, to be hurt by imaginary injustices done to us... and this hurt causes us to look at others bitterly, or to condescendingly judge them. This trap, this enslavement which leads to sin and clouds our minds and hearts from receiving the light of Christ, is overcome only by a true revelation of goodness.

Those who have recognized Christ as the true light, and the fulfillment of all our desires, are truly the blessed ones. These people offer charity freely, without expecting to be loved in return, because they know that Jesus Himself repays their love for any of His children a hundredfold. These people have access to the greatest wisdom and courage, because they look to Christ as the beginning and end of all that is good. To suffer persecution and mockery for Christ's sake is, for these, a genuine gift... for it gives them the opportunity to share even more greatly in the love of Jesus. When they are despised by men, it is not that they think so little of humankind that they don't mind... rather, they are glad because they know that the Charity they offer which is not repaid by men is always repaid by Christ. To be thought of as little, ignorant, or sinful brings these people the greatest consolation... because such painful convictions are always true of human kind in contrast with God's Divine Nature, and the realization of them brings holiness which in turn brings them closer to God Himself, and, of course, Love.

The Love of God is so great that it astonishes the angels and fills the blessed in heaven with the greatest awe. Indeed, this Divine-Human love is so great that it can easily be mistaken for folly... but those deepest in this foolishness of love know that love does not end at folly, but merely passes through it to the greatest harmony and good; the end of all man's desires. All that Jesus has done for us is an expression of this love which burns so strongly within His Heart. He calls us to the greatest heights of virtue and asks us to have faith in Him, and to know that all will be repaid. Therefore let us think and act always in Charity towards others, and give them all the love that is in us to give, so that we may receive from Christ the satiation of our burning hunger and the fulfillment of our ambitions for happiness.

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  1. You are way too young to remember a song called Looking For Love in All the wrong Places, but that is precisely what most of us do. In order to love and be loved by others, we need to first realize that we are always loved by God and that love surpasses anything we can imagine or find from fellow humans.
    Thank you for this very insightful post.
    God Bless!