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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Religious Optimism

"See, I make all things new."

When reading the lives of the saints, there is an underlying tone, a hidden attitude that all the saints have in common. No matter how bad the situation in their lives may become, nor how dark their spiritual life may become from the attacks of the devil, nor how hopeless the state of the world... they always have a sense of optimism, a keen sense of faith and hope. God is all powerful, and He never leaves His children alone and in need. One who has met Christ knows that there is no way that our tears go unnoticed, or our troubles unacknowledged.

The truth is, there is something greater than what we can see... and the problems that tear the world and drown the people in sorrows will come to an end. God is a compassionate God, so full of love and care that when our trials have ended He brings us to Himself and consoles us. There is nothing He cannot do, and our prayers are never in vain. If we have accepted and embraced the virtues of faith and hope, then we will never despair.

Jesus shows us through His life that every sorrow, every difficulty is repaid a hundredfold by God with good. We can constantly give of ourselves to a broken world and still cling to a never-ending good. Our eyes may burn with pity and sorrow for a brother's final agony, but in our hearts we we know that this pain is repaid with a final good. We may be tired and wonder how much longer we can go on in a life of poverty and work... and at the same time our hearts are full of a life that never burns more dimly, the light of Christ within us. Every thing we do, and every thing we suffer, can be offered to Christ to obtain a greater good than we could imagine. In the midst of a dark and hurting world, the light and goodness of God is ever within our reach, and He is the solution of every one of our problems.

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