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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Song to Jesus - Part Four

Twelfth Devotion

Take my hand, Lord, show me all,
Keep not a sight from me.
Be my eyes, Lord, look upon the poor,
That I may know their suffering.

Is it strange to you, dear Jesus,
That I should care for them?
Do you wonder that I consider others,
In so intimate a prayer as this?

Ah! How could it be so,
When you have loved so deeply?
How could you wonder at my heart,
When it is an expression of yours?

Give me a spark of your love,
That I may love as you do.
Give me the sentiment of the Passion,
So I may participate in others’ suffering.

My heart can not ease and be at peace,
While it seems I am alone.
No, I must bring others to you Lord,
As many as will come.

I can not silently be immersed in you,
And forget the faces of my friends.
I pray for them more strongly than myself,
For they mean so much more to me.

All my wondrous dreams are crippled,
If they cannot in some way save.
Nothing I can do means anything,
If it is of no value in their salvation.

Therefore let me be like you,
In the heart of your suffering.
Do not hold me so tight,
I need to give you more.

Thirteenth Devotion

Make me an instrument of your peace,
An expression of your love.
Teach me wisdom, grace, and meekness,
If only so I may share it.

Make me humble and mild,
Long suffering, docile and pure.
Let me be as a small lamb,
Or a horse perfectly tame.

Let others see you in me,
Let them find joy in my gifts.
But also let it be made possible,
That I be ridiculed and humbled.

Give me no room for pride,
Nor conscientiousness for myself.
Let my intent be always on them,
And my rejoicing in their good.

For in the exposure of my faults,
I find the peace of justice.
In the humbling of my person,
I come nearer to you.

Let me be ready to take charge,
But obey at a moment’s notice.
Let my will be ever strong,
Let easily override it with yours.

Give me the courage of a lion,
To bear the every threat.
Grant me the highest principles,
The deepest sense of honor.

Yet let me heart be soft,
My mind ever patient.
Let me bear the purging patiently,
Let my attention be on you.

Indeed, they may offend me,
But woe if they offend you!
Take no notice when I am threatened,
But have mercy if they harm you!

For indeed my hope for myself,
Is only that I please you.
My greatest ambition apart from you,
Is only to assist them to you.

My hopes for them soar higher,
I long for their happiness and love.
That they may have purpose on earth,
And life in paradise with you.

Fourteenth Devotion

What is my hope for my friends,
My dreams for my neighbor?
Jesus listen to my words,
Take heed to my loving appeal.

My mind’s eye sees a forest,
Great canopies of green.
Many paths lead forward,
All of them follow the stream.

Some are rocky and travel high,
Others are soft and low.
Some travel coolly in the shade,
Others traverse the sun.

Some are strewn with flowers,
Others with thistles and brush.
Some are circled by pine,
Others surrounded by oaks.

But no matter which path,
No matter what foliage,
The stream is ever clear,
And the water ever cool.

Ah such a beautiful world,
Such an awesome life is this!
And no matter what path,
The stream is ever the same!

The waters lead to a sea,
Greater than the skies.
Their spring is constantly flowing,
Never do the stream beds grow dry.

To the paths there is no end,
They become one with the stream.
The dryness of the land,
Is eternally moistened by the water.

Beauty in the dryness,
Leads to beauty in the moistness.
Perfection on the land,
Leads to perfection in the sea.

That their lives may be full and beautiful,
That their spirits find your Paradise.
That they have you ever by their side,
That they be immersed in you forever!

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