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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Song to Jesus - Part One

Short Introduction

For some time now I have been turning around in my head the idea of writing a book on prayer. One of the reasons is because I feel that some of my posts grow rather dry after a time, and fail to express my own love for Jesus and all of you. If I am to write a book on prayer, however, the book itself must be a prayer. Like my journal entries, this prayer must be directed to Jesus in an expression of love. Otherwise, the words are empty and do not speak the real, more important prayer that is rooted in the heart. Therefore I do not intend to offer instructions on prayer, or even a progressing journey of prayer, but rather a simple conversation between myself and Jesus in several parts. Because this book on prayer is written primarily for Jesus, this image of Him will proceed every posting of this book.

First Devotion

At last it has begun, I am with you now.
How my heart has longed for you,
How often my soul has whispered,
Your love to my tender heart.

How I have longed to say 'I love you',
And run to your embrace.
How I have waited for your kiss,
Your peace within my heart.

Jesus, your name falls from my lips like a song,
Jesus, even your name is an echo of love.
Jesus, how was I ever without your embrace?
Jesus, I love you, my heart need say no more.

I hear your words inside my heart,
I know when my Love is near.
I feel the trembling of your soul,
As you gather me into your hands.

This is our good morning,
This is our good night.
This is how we say hello,
This our mutual love.

Second Devotion

How mighty you are, how beautiful,
I can hardly bear the light.
I look on your face with great joy,
I gaze on your perfection.

Ah, you are perfect indeed!
Your reign is never ending!
Your love is immensely pure,
Forever I sing your goodness.

See, I tremble in your sight,
For you are great indeed!
Wondrous are you in very essence,
You who are eternity.

Far above my imaginings are your deeds!
Your goodness surpasses my mind.
How much you have done for me,
Oh Lord how I bless you!

Blessed are you, indeed, in all you do,
Blessed are you in all that exists.
Blessed are you in the energy of love,
Blessed are you, Who are all light.

My heart sings your praise without relief,
Your love drives my soul untiringly.
My reach is high into the heavens, your abode,
You yourself support my frailty.

Ah, here I kneel in your mighty palace,
Comfortable at your feet.
I see through your eyes your kingdom,
I marvel at your kingly magnificence.

Third Devotion

You see, Jesus, I am waiting.
But you have waited forever.
No words are necessary,
Your Person speaks to me.

See, I have found you,
I looked for you everywhere.
But see, I have found you,
You were every place I looked.

I walked in the mountains,
Shhh, I put my finger to your lips,
Let me tell my story,
I searched for you everywhere.

I walked through the desert, and saw many things.
I swam through the sea, and met all the fishes.
I gazed into the rustling of the trees,
I glided through the clouds on the wing of a bird.

I walked through life, passed out of time,
And then I walked through death.
I looked for you in the world,
Then I searched in eternity.

Everywhere I gazed, everywhere I walked,
There you were!
Is nothing apart from you?
Or perhaps you live in me.

Ah, I have seen your children,
They have many names.
Yes, I've met your people,
But YOU were in their eyes!

Listen, my Jesus, to my story,
Please be attentive to what I say.
I remember that I worked, I played.
I remember a long time, you must hear.

I started walking over a mountain,
Then I began to run!
I felt the wind in my hair, my eyes stung with chill.
I heard the whistling of the birds, and I sang along!

I reached the edge, and then I flew,
I see it perfectly now.
I stars were close, the sun made colors,
The world gleamed in the light.

There I saw it, and my face fell.
My heart lost all its strength.
I walked as one dead,
I saw nothing around me.

Ah, I could perceive myself clearly.
I was dirty and tired from my journey.
I could feel the moister of my breath,
The earth was real, I was too.

But I moved nearer, for I saw it,
And I reached it's side.
What was it Jesus? Can you guess?
It was my pearl!

Yes, so bright was my pearl, that all other brightness faded.
So real and near was my pearl, that nothing else existed,
Nothing else existed except for me, I was really there.
Jesus, my pearl was you!

You've heard my story, Love,
Now tell me yours.
Speak to my heart,
I am listening.

Fourth Devotion

I listen, my Jesus, I hear you in my heart.
You tell me to draw near, I am near.
You insist mercilessly that you love me,
To hear it again must cause my heart to die!

"In the beginning, I was, but where were you?
I knew that I loved you, so I made the earth.
Where I was, there you should be also.

A long time passed by, but I did not grow impatient,
I knew what would be for all eternity.
True, you did not exist, but you existed in my mind.

I entered time, I became man.
No longer were you only like me,
I am like you!

I wanted to give you a gift, I wanted you near me.
My daughter, you brought tears to my eyes.
What I did, I did for you, and I gazed on you in my pain.

I knew when you were born, I was watching.
I saw where you went, and what you did, and I waited.
I waited for you to come around to me.

You met me, but you walked away, so I followed.
I called you, I know you wanted to come, but how long it took!
But now, now that I see you, I do not regret."

Now I cry to you in my love,
I listened to your sweet voice,
I heard you in my heart.
I won't walk away again.

Yes, I am here with you to pray.
I've told you how I love you, how I've found you,
And I listened to your song.
No, I will not leave, I'm here with you to pray.

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