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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Song to Jesus - Part Three

Ninth Devotion

Where is the dark, the silence of the night?
To where shall I go for rest?
Who shall lead me to the soft green moss,
Where shall I make my bed?

See Jesus, I come to you,
I find in you my rest.
Reclining upon your chest,
My worries are eased.

What do I seek, if I seek not peace?
For what do I live, if not for silence?
It is for you I long, for you I live,
My heart seeks your warm embrace.

“Be still, know that I am God.”
Sweet Jesus you are my consolation,
My constant and my home.
Never need I fear.

My security rests in you, who are eternal,
My peace is in your hands.
My love has never drifted from you,
Nor has it been lost.

Here in the warm shadows of night,
My eyes are caressed, my ears eased.
My mouth need not speak the words,
Already my heart is silently expressed.

Tenth Devotion

I visited the palace of my soul,
I passed within the Church.
Candlelight fire lit the way,
And filled my soul with warmth.

There you were, through the midst,
Waiting for me in a flowing canopy.
I saw your eyes, gentle and bright,
Gazing your undying affection.

By the light of purity I was consoled,
The palaces immaculately gleamed.
Precious gems were on every side,
Emeralds more wonderful than gold.

This was my home, I was not afraid,
The gates were locked against the storm.
My barricades were wooden crosses,
I knew that none could enter.

Clothed in armor stronger than steel,
I was still soft and light.
You smiled on my flowing gowns,
My colors glittering bright.

To admit I was once afraid,
Would surely break the spell.
The past remained long gone,
The future unanticipated.

The blanket of peace draped over me,
As I knelt humbly down before You.
I gazed with love upon your face,
Basking satisfied in your beauty.

There I knelt, as you were before me,
I heard the angels’ smooth melody.
The childlike saints laid flowers before you,
And smiled sweetly down at me.

Hours passed, who shall know,
There was time without an end.
My peace endured, you remained,
Who can disrupt contemplation?

Eleventh Devotion

My Jesus, don’t speak,
I am not ready to listen.
Your voice is utterly sweet,
The noise is not cleared.

My Jesus, don’t speak,
I cannot bear your love.
Let me live in peace,
Speak only with your eyes.

Beloved, be silent,
My words fall on deaf ears.
Do not break my ecstasy,
Let our union be forever.

Beloved, be silent,
See my greatest wish.
Allow me to remain,
If only for love’s sake.

“My bride, hear my voice,
For love is not in death.
If peace were only in the dark,
Heaven would not exist.

My bride, hear my voice,
You do not know your heart.
Who shall grow old in sleep,
While a thousand years shall pass?

My love, be at peace,
Speak not to me of love.
I know your heart entirely,
I share your every thought.

My love, be at peace,
Heaven never ceases.
My blessing is upon you,
Live for love’s sake.”

You surround me with light,
You fill my soul with sanctity.
It seems you send me away,
I stay with you forever.

Lord, how shall my peace remain?
Your heavenly waters overflow.
“I am your peace, your refuge,
I am forever, I’ll always be.”

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