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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Song to Jesus - Part Two

Fifth Devotion

I cried in the night, my Jesus,
Didn’t you see my tears?
My heart shattered, my love tore,
Could you not feel my pain?

I lived in darkness and in fear.
The world spun,
There was pain in my head,
I was so cold!

I cried in the night, my Jesus,
And I did not know why.
That horrible unknown pain,
Became slave master of my life.

I was hungry and confused,
I didn’t know where to go.
Did you not know I was lost?
Did you not see my need?

I cried in the night, my Jesus,
I was so alone!
Outside it was all noise,
Only my own voice was within.

Where were you, my Jesus?
I thought you said you’d be with me,
I thought my burden would be light.
I was oppressed, unable to move!

They laughed, they scorned,
But my motives were pure!
They joked, the shook their heads,
But my actions were wise and good!

What was I to do, should I have so much strength?
When all failed me, when my mind was beaten,
Should I have won the fight?
What was I to do, where were you?

Sixth Devotion

Ah, such lies!
Such evil enticements,
Such glamorous waste!
Such inviting wolves!

Why did I fall into their trap?
This you ask me, gentle Jesus,
Your voice sweet, but in such pain.
I can hardly bear your gaze.

See, I cry to you for mercy,
For I am so little and weak.
See, how vast are my imperfections,
How was I to know?

I thought they were so pretty,
I thought they were so good!
I liked when they looked at me,
I liked when I was one of them.

My fancies were swooned by them,
While you were just a dream.
They took me by the hand,
I went freely, Lord.

You look on them in anger,
But it is I who deserve your wrath.
How can you bear to love me?
When I so hated you?

Yes, I grew in evil, hardly knowing why.
But now I see my fault,
My tears show my sorrow,
I run to you in love.

Master, I have been humbled,
Love, my heart is changed.
I know now what I am,
And I long for You alone!

Pity me Jesus, in this my grave disease,
Have compassion on my suffering.
I lay my cheek on your feet, I trust you,
Jesus, what will you do with me?

Seventh Devotion

I fall again, and who will catch me?
The cross is a heavy burden!
My wounds are burning, my hands are sore,
I’m growing very ill.

Don’t you see I follow you?
I embraced your cross!
Did you not hear me call to you?
I freely tread the thorns!

Don’t you remember what I said to you?
Remember when I offered my life,
Just because I loved them?
Did you not know it was all because of you?

Look at them, they are falling,
Their faces are drenched in tears.
To what avail is my sacrifice,
When they are not relieved?

I persevered, I walked so far,
So their steps would be lessened.
I watched you, I saw the nails,
And still my courage reigned.

Day by day, night by night,
The way was never shortened.
Eternity you offered me,
Eternity I vowed to you!

I did not flinch beneath the scourge,
I never guessed your back received the stripes.
I did not die beneath the cross,
I never knew your shoulder touched the wood.

Ah, the nuisance of love,
Love makes a fool of me!
How rage the red fires,
That seemed a pretty flame!

I am not afraid, nor has my mind changed.
I’ll give it all for you, and for them.
What matter if I die? Love has no end.
My smile shows my joy.

Shall I go on when I am so small,
Shall I face the incoming hordes?
Where did I learn to question!
Who told me death was certain?

Jesus, see, I embrace your cross.
Jesus, see, I freely tread the thorns.
Jesus, see that I love them!
Jesus, know that I love you.

Eighth Devotion

When did I begin to rest,
Where did I find your shoulder?
How is it that you’re here now,
When I was just dying?

You console me, you stroke my hair,
How lovely you are!
Your voice is peace, it speaks to me,
My pounding heart has calmed.

Yet still my eyes behold the scourge,
I still see the dark and fear.
I am alone, yet you are here?
I am dying, yet we laugh?

I’m clothed all in white,
My hair is crowned with roses.
My face is clean and sparkling,
You look at me so pleased…

Yet still my guilt holds me,
I’m in the midst of sin!
My soul is still so blackened,
And I am still so dreadful?

My trial is beginning,
Yet you crown me with mercy?
All that I feared is coming,
Yet I am not running?

There is no fear, there is no dark,
You are here beside me.
Where you are, there also is love,
Love casts out all fear.

My cross becomes my joy,
My pain my greatest comfort.
My failures pierce your heart,
My heritage lies within the wound.

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