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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thirsting for Vocations

Dear Friends,

The Church is in dire need of priests and religious. During this year especially the Pope has asked us to pray for our priests, who are serving tirelessly in a very difficult world. The blessedness of the priestly vocation seems to be overlooked by many young men, who's hands never accept the task of Consecrating the Sacred Bread and Wine. While women are either too afraid or too little educated on the life of heightened chastity to serve the Church as a Bride of Christ.

The other day I had the privilege of meeting a group of seven or eight seminarians who were visiting our parish priest. My first impulse upon seeing them was to fall to my knees and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their sacrifice and assure them of their greater rewards, but I resisted due to the impracticality of such an action. Still, what I wouldn't give to help them in their work! I've prayed for them since, and, though they will never know it, I'll pray for them with my life. I do not over dramatize our Church's needs... nor do I exaggerate the extreme sanctity and goodness of the priestly vocation.

Many of you, perhaps, have never seen a traditional cloister, nor spoken to a professed nun. If you were to do so, you would find just what I found five years ago. You would find that saints are real, and that something deeper and more perfect lies beneath this sacrificial life and mystical marriage. There are few things that can stimulate the cries of my heart more than the knowledge that girls who have been granted these blessed vocations can live their whole lives without ever seeing them fulfilled.

When I say these words, you cannot remain surprised at my excessive postings. At times I am keenly aware of the immaturity with which I attempt to express great mysteries known by God alone, or attempt to explain concepts of life that I know nothing about. For these posts, I sincerely apologize. I would cease to write entirely because of how insufficiently I seem to offer vocational explanations, except that I pray daily that Jesus will use my words to help others... and thus feel an obligation to give Him all I can to work with. I also pray that my own faulty understandings will never misguide anyone, and I have great faith that God hears my prayer.

If there is one thing that I would ask of you, just one prayer I could have for you, it is that you find the love of Jesus Christ. For once one is on the path of love, barriers seem to fall away from the true vocation set aside for him. Don't be afraid to look away, just once, from the worldly expectations you and others have for yourself. Don't be afraid, just once, to consider in earnest that God may be waiting on the thresh hold of your heart to give you the privilege of the saints. Don't be afraid, trust me, trust Him... the hard path is far more walkable when one walks it hand in hand with Christ.

Or, perhaps there is a fear of which you cannot mentally dispose? Perhaps there is a certain apprehension that causes you to follow the ways of society, the norms of your "class", that you cannot identify. Ah! Have faith. Jesus is present at all times, but especially in the Eucharist. Is it possible that you do not see Him, that you do not perceive Him near? Is it possible that you cannot put unconditional faith in a God Who seems always to hide? Pray, pray, pray... God will not remain hidden in prayer, but He will come into your heart and there you will know Him. Pray for faith, pray for courage, pray for truth.... but most of all pray for love. God is a good God, Who only awaits our permission to come into our hearts with all His Perfection. "Desire earnestly the greater gifts, and He will show you a more excellent way."

I am not personally acquainted with all who read my blog, it is true... but know I pray for each of you as I would pray for my dearest friend, or a brother, or a sister. I pray because prayer is all I can offer when there is so little hope of my words touching your hearts. Through prayer, I move the hand of God in blessing for you, and He willingly allows me to move His Hand, in which you have been engraved. If you have asked my prayers, you can be sure that I have prayed for you by name, and have written you in a heavenly book for which I will spend my life praying. Don't take my offering lightly, because of myself my prayers are nothing... so I am ever careful to join them to the infinite merits of Jesus the Lamb. Indeed, while I remain here, I spare myself nothing when I see the opportunity to give to a friend, and when I enter the cloister I shall give even more.

May God bless you and Mary keep you always.

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