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Monday, June 21, 2010

Describing Angels

While I don't claim to know angels as well as this, it occurred to me that even a small understanding of the angelic persona, some small indentation on our perception of them, would be helpful in showing you how to know and trust them. It is a shame that some walk lonely in the world, unsure of who to go to, when an angel walks by his side. Ready to listen and to guide, always gentle and compassionate... I've become aware of the sad truth that few take notice of their seemingly silent friends. You may look upon this short work as fiction, but take care to pay attention to your own angel.

Living freely as the light, treading on nothing, they follow in our steps.
No time or space their thought confines, yet still our lives they share.
No hapless shapes, no wandering hordes, but true and simple like a bell.

Before the world began, He was. God, great and glorious, lived perfection in nothingness. Yet in His wisdom He sought to create the choirs of spirits. Like light, like Him, they were born. Given a choice, some chose to serve, and the blessed hosts remained with Him. Their will, their choice, now infinitely good... they heard His every word. So powerful, so wise, they were were always less than God. Not ruling, not judging, they lived in harmony.

Made for eternal love and holiness, no jealousy they sought.
Given a trust by God most High, they looked upon the world.
There shone His creation, new and great, a soul within a body.

God made His young and perfect world. His voice resounded, and matter exists. His wisdom acts, and time holds it in place. The angels, his trusty servants, love without reserve the people destined to sit in the light of His face. Now the moment of eternity contained a world, a chain of life, and their new eyes saw time. Danger and change disturbed the peace, each of them awaited one into whom God would press a spirit, that one to protect and guide.

At the time of his birth, by his cradle's side, stood a silent guardian.
The guardian protects, the guardian guides, long before he takes a step.
His heart is known, his tears are seen, strong shoulders receive his fall.

The angel sees with joy the conception of one truly loved by God. By the side of the child at the moment of birth, God's command is his silent vow: never to leave God's precious one. His lasting vigil begins, at the side of the cradle that first night. The babe's time becomes his own, his fight become his fight, his good becomes his goal. The darkness he shields with his wings, as his fiery eyes take on form with his purpose, on the command of God.

The angel is by his side, immovable, through the hours, days and years.
Through the Lord's compassion, the angelic heart is pierced by every tear.
Angelic resolve, and timeless compassion, wavers not at the sight of sin.

God's eternal commands are known to the angels, and should be known to men. Through tireless effort, the angelic bodies match time, and remind their weak trusts of the strength of good. The greatest sorrow pierces them as their charges first find evil, and their strengths are intensified by love as they pinpoint every temptation. Numberless dangers they remove, and only reluctantly do they allow the tests, the price of God's chosen heritage.

Smiling, the angel looks on in the midst of trials, ever near.
His eyes shine like light, and he is ready to hear his voice.
Within the heart and mind he waits, offering verbal advice.

The angel is not distant, but remains ever near, prepared to speak a word of peace. A messenger from God to earth, the angel travels while never leaving his charge alone. His wings needn't move, for he is in the kingdom, and he is in the world. His voice can be heard, his smile can be felt, as the warmth of his being surpasses human barriers. He is God's servant on earth, his looks upon God and resides in heaven, yet he walks the walk with us.

Unselfishly the angel keeps watch, hopefully he faithfully intercedes.
Never judging, he knows God's wrath, and beseeches for every fault.
He needs no reason to love, for the angel's heart is ever fully aflame.

No matter how many times we fall, they'll always be there to raise us up again. We never see the stones that we never have time to trip on, but the silent duty of the angel continues. They rejoice at our salvation, and strive against our ruin, hoping that we shall meet in heaven. They are our teachers and kingly guards, for they know that we will one day sit before the throne of the Almighty. With God they rejoice in ecstasy as on the day of our death we enter the Chambers of light.

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