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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pulsating--The Eucharist

I have loved you with the greatest love,
I am the Bread of Life.

What love was in the heart of Christ on that holy night? As He sat there, looking upon the faces of His friends, what did He have in mind? He said that He had longed to share this meal, He held in His sacred hands a gift, and passed it to all of us. He place upon our tongues a mystery we did not understand. He spoke these words: "This is My Body, This is my Blood." and we did not know the love with which He spoke them. God, Lord, Lamb, Savior... Jesus has so loved the world that He has given His Body as true food and His Blood as true drink.

The steady beating of Jesus' human heart quickened, tears fled to His human eyes, for His Divine love is all surpassing. He saw with pain the one who would betray, and all who would receive His Gift and betray. The burning realization of His Sacrifice, the sight of lonely Tabernacles and deadened souls, only increased the love with which He gave. Yes, time was too long, He could not be away from those He loves: He must remain. He raised His eyes to heaven shared His love with God, as a Son to a Father, breathing out His passionate love for us. "I will find love in them, I will reside in them, we shall never be apart..." He passed to each of His friends plain bread and plain wine, the glimmer in His eyes revealing their true nature, and the beating of His heart revealing His passage into each soul.

The supper He has longed to share is shared, the Gift He has longed to give is given. An old man, a girl, a woman, a boy... all receive a mystical miracle, and are filled with life. What love resides now within them, what heart beats in their bosoms? A light more immense than the universe, a life more potent than all life and death combined; the Lover has come. Bread and wine transfigured, food and drink now spirit, beneath the crusts of bread and sweet bitterness of wine waits the God of eternity. Jesus now living within, breaths and loves and dwells, His heart pulsating in time with the heart in which He lives.

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