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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Song to Jesus - Part Five

Fifteenth Devotion

I dream a dream of my Beloved,
Our lovely bridal home.
My heart swells with joy,
My spirit burns with love.

Here the Beloved waits for me,
All is carefully prepared.
I, the bride, say goodbye to the world,
I make haste to your embrace.

The forest, hills, and seas make way,
As hurriedly I come.
I seek the palace of my dreams,
My eternal home with you.

Mary clothes me in a gown of white,
Catherine clothes my soul in red.
Therese places a lovely rose in my hands,
Anthony encircles my soul with lilies.

I don a smile of content,
They crown my head with thorns.
My heart is pierced and open,
Your love enters in.

Dressed thus I move into your presence,
I long to kiss your face.
I reach your majesty and see your love,
I fall and kiss your feet.

Sixteenth Devotion

The morning has passed away,
I see the high noon sun.
The heat oppresses, the sight still more,
Of your blessed feet walking.

Torn and bleeding, covered in dirt,
Your feet tread o’er the stones.
Drops of your blood fall unhindered,
On the way of Calvary.

You reach the Cross, my eyes are open,
Your blood is spilled in abundance.
Oh that I could stop the flow,
Or catch it in a bowl.

They glisten on your brow,
Flowing freely as a river of wine.
Your Body is thus anointed,
With the substance of your veins.

The Cross’s color is tainted,
By living water it is moistened.
You are poured out upon the earth,
No drop of blood is left.

I see the spear that pierces your side,
Your Sacred Heart is opened.
The soil is moistened by your life,
Water dilutes its potent taste.

What precious wine, fragrant and strong,
How pleasant its bitter taste.
As the drops of your blood are gathered up,
And to my lips are placed

You are the desire of my heart,
Your life beats in my heart.
Your love has enthralled me,
I am a captive of your heart.

Let me tell you, Jesus, of my love,
My blood I shed willingly for you.
A martyr’s death I’ve already died,
My only life is yours.

Seventeenth Devotion

Lord Jesus, Food of my soul,
Hear my cry to you.
Savior, Holy Bread Divine,
See my need for you.

My body approached the grove of death,
My spirit failed within me.
I walked every day in the storm,
My enemies surrounded me.

Precious Lamb, Blessed Son,
Your love has made me strong.
Coming from power into the world,
Your robe was purest white.

Led to the slaughter, living for death,
You meekly bowed your head.
Your hands were bound, your body broken,
No part of you was free of pain.

The table is prepared, the bread provided,
A banquet, a heavenly meal.
By love you are defined, Holy Sacrifice,
To be with us for all time.

You come within, you melt the heart,
You reside within the soul.
By your Body I am saved,
By your Soul I am sanctified.
You have been broken that I may be whole,
Lamb of love, grant me mercy.
You, Dove of Purity, Holy God of Might,
A meek and beautiful Sacrifice.

Bread of angels, Food of my heart,
Make me worthy of you.
With your left hand bid me come to you,
With your right cleanse me from sin.

Sacrifice of Grace, Prayer of Calvary,
Accept my humble payment.
Myself I give wholly to you,
That in your wounds I may reside.

You are my love, and life,
My food and drink.
You are Lord, and Lamb,
Holy Sacrifice.

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  1. These are beautiful, thank you for sharing!

    God Bless